open port

  pat2068 23:20 06 Sep 2003

when i log onto the comp and check with shields up it is telling me that port 1025 is open but when i scan again it is stealth can anyone tell me how to keep it stealth i have norton internet security thanks mary

  pat2068 23:37 06 Sep 2003

the port is open the first time i scan if i scan again it is stealth is there any way i can make it stealth as soon as i start the comp thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:13 07 Sep 2003

you may have problems with some downloads and programs if you disable task scheduler.

what firewall are you using?

you need to find the program that is using 1025 and deny access.some microsoft games use it,like pinball for example.

  pat2068 00:15 07 Sep 2003

i am using norton internet security firewall and anti virus thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:15 07 Sep 2003

have a look click here

  pat2068 00:18 07 Sep 2003

thats where i found it can you tell me how to close it it only open when i first log on if i run it a second time it is stealth will it cause any problems thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:22 07 Sep 2003

i have not used norton in some time but there should be an application or program access set up where you can grant or deny internet access to certain programs.trial and error i think,deny access one by one,scan each time to find the i said above it was pinball in my case using it.

  Gandalph 01:16 07 Sep 2003

I shouldn't worry to much about the 1025 port being open. Read the following, it's something I picked up on the Net a couple of week's ago.

Though you have only one connection to the Internet, internally your Internet connection uses about 65,000 PORTS. Think of these as tiny little doors that open to specific traffic on the Internet.

For example, port 80 is used for serving up web pages. Port 21 is used for FTP, or sending files
back and forth. E-mail uses port 25. On-line games use ports in the 20,000-range. There are
thousands of port assignments.

You would think that these ports would all be closed, but they're not. Many are left open, allowing services on the Internet to access them -- kind of like leaving all the doors and windows open on your house.

For many ports, being open isn't a problem. For example, my Unix computer keeps port 21 open
for FTP. The FTP program restricts access, however, to only those who have active accounts on the computer. So for me, keeping that port open is safe.

Other than opening specific ports you may need, the general idea is to CLOSE all other ports.
Often times this must be done manually or by using a firewall.

The Blaster worm attacked ports 135 and 69. Microsoft left these ports open and kept the RPC
protocol running on the ports in Windows XP, NT, 2000 and on the Windows 2003 server. Last
month they recognized this gross error and presented an update patch to close the port.

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