Open Office remains closed

  gjettum 16:17 27 Jul 2010


Am using Windows Vista and Open Office 3.2.

Am unable to open any modules within Open Office nor can I uninstall Open Office (get "Fatal error" message). Problem appears to have arrived with newish update which went straight to desktop. It also had a Windows logo on it.

Also have Java updates 7 and 20 but nothing in between

Open Office desktop icon has now disappeared but am still unable to open files and can't uninstall Open Office. Appreciate any assistance.

  Taff™ 17:15 27 Jul 2010

Reinstall it from scratch.

The Java Update 7 can be removed and then go to and download v21.

  gjettum 18:36 27 Jul 2010

Thanks for your quick reply Taff.

Is the order:

Java updates first and then download Open Office.

Will the "new Open Office" overwrite the previous?


  Taff™ 06:01 28 Jul 2010

It doesn`t matter which order and it should overwrite Open Office restoring functionality. The only Java you need is v21 at the end of it all. Apologies for the delay but I had an appointment with a pint at 6pm !

  Taff™ 08:21 30 Jul 2010

Any Luck?

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