Open Office: page-numbering problem.

  Jim Thing 21:54 01 Jun 2010

I'm using the Open Office WP to put together a 16-page A5 booklet, typed as eight A4 sheets, landscape, two columns per sheet, so that each side of each sheet yields two A5 pages.

Could someone please explain how (or whether?) I can make separate footers for the two A5 pages on each A4 sheet, with a different page number in each footer (e.g p16-p1, p2-p15, p14-p3, and so on)?

  Jim Thing 12:08 21 Jun 2010

Three weeks and no response... can't be done, I expect... so tick the box...

  shellship 12:27 21 Jun 2010

Just seen this one. Don't know if it will work but try putting A5 into Page Set Up and fiddling from there. Alternatively, buy Blue Squirrel's ClickBook which will do just what you want - I have used it for years to produce booklets.

  ella33 12:52 21 Jun 2010

I am not an Office whizz kid, although I use it but have never managed to make separate Header would be useful for assignments (when I use a non automatic method for each page) and other reasons
I guess there is maybe no answer because nobody knows?

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