open office help required splitting a doc to pages

  johnnyrocker 17:52 21 Jul 2005

i have a document which has been written and would seem to require 2-3 pages to print, my problem is that it has not been set up that way and when i print i get first page and half second which is presumably stopping when the paper runs out.
print preview shows just that, how can i split it into required pages please?


  octal 18:02 21 Jul 2005

If you put the cursor were you want the page to end then go to Insert then select Manual break in the menu, in the little window that opens make sure there is a check mark in the radio button for Page break then click OK.

  johnnyrocker 18:21 21 Jul 2005

the only insert options available are date and time or object.


  johnnyrocker 19:12 21 Jul 2005

^ evening shift?


  octal 19:41 21 Jul 2005

Have you tried Insert on a blank document? This what I get click here I'm wondering if there maybe something wrong with the document you are trying to print.

  johnnyrocker 20:11 21 Jul 2005

thanks for that you are quite right i get what you showed, now here comes the puzzler if i open it from my docs with open office i have the problem i raised, if as suggested i open up a new doc i have the insert capability i open the original in this new window and i have the facility although it is in 3 pages but with large chunks of the doc missing and all over the place


  octal 21:29 21 Jul 2005

Has the document been imported from Microsoft Office? It sounds like the formatting has confused OO somehow. I know this can happen, although OO is very good it does struggle with Word docs with a lot of formatting.

I'm sorry I haven't got an easy answer to that one. What version are you using? I'm still using 1.1.2

  Belatucadrus 21:54 21 Jul 2005

Why not cut/copy and paste as plain text to a new document, then sort out the page layout and formatting on the new one, you're most unlikely to transfer whatever's corrupted the settings.

  johnnyrocker 23:53 21 Jul 2005

sounds like a good idea and worth a try tomorrow, octal yes it was although it says word pad and i have tried saving it with mods in all the open office options with the same result


  johnnyrocker 00:37 22 Jul 2005

well i did that and now have the same scrambled images looks like a lot of work for me with my limited capabilities but i shall soldier on an if get stuck will post again, beginning to think this open office aint worth it specially as other parties cant open most docs.
have a good night


  Belatucadrus 11:01 22 Jul 2005

You say that people can't open your documents, this is because of the limitations of Microsoft office suites, you're probably sending them OpenOffice files, Microsoft Office & Works don't open any non Microsoft documents. So you need to save as a Word or Excel document. If you're doing this a lot and it becomes troublesome, change the default save format settings on OpenOffice :-
Open OpenOffice, Tools/Options, Load/Save, General, at the bottom of the window there is a list that allows you to set the default save formats as Microsoft instead of OpenOffice.

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