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  tony-guitar 22:10 09 Nov 2010

My daughters pc has Open Office installed. Because i have Outlook 2000, this pc can't open the files she needs for her college course (the file name suffix changed for 2007). To help her when she comes to me, i've also downloaded Open Office. I've noticed though, that each 'account' has to register individually. My question is simply, should she enter the same details as she did on her pc (would the program get confused?) or enter a different set of details. Or doesn't it matter? Thanks - Tony

  johnnyrocker 22:15 09 Nov 2010

i would say the same details as before would be ok, if prev docs were saved as MS compatible it would be better


  Taff™ 07:31 10 Nov 2010

You don`t have to register OpenOffice, simply choose the "I don`t want to register option"

Once installed, open a writer blank document and the Tools>Options and in the left hand pane expand "load/Save" and select General. In the right hand pane there are two adjacent drop down boxes. With Text document in the left use the right hand drop down box and select Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP.

Change the left hand box to spreadsheet and then the right hand box to Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (Not Template) Get the idea? Do this for Presentation and any other compatibilities you want. Close Open Office.

Also make sure you have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Packs installed on the computer - check in Add/Remove. If you need them click here These will ensure that the .docx and .xlsx files can be opened from within OO.

  tony-guitar 11:08 10 Nov 2010

Its the 'x' suffix files(.docx, .ppsx etc) that my old version of Office won't open. However OpenOffice will. She does most of her stuff at her home but not having a phone line, is reliant instead on an internet dongle which is a bit slow compared to my Virgin Media broadband. I'm sure i read somewhere recently that installing the MS Compatability Packs can mess with emails and i don't need any more of that after the havoc caused by the latest AVG 2011 antivirus. Thats gone now and all is well. Thanks for help, she's coming round today so we'll see how things go

  Taurus 21:10 10 Nov 2010

Office 2007 has the ability to save files it makes as earlier versions (97-2003) , saving in this format will enable you to open them in any version of MS Office and Open Office.

  Taff™ 22:53 10 Nov 2010

I`ve never come across the problem you mention with the MS Office compatibility Packs and I deal with people who have most combinations of OS and office versions including one business running Office 2000 & OpenOffice in parallel.

I strongly suggest you ask her if the office software she has can be installed on two machines and let us know what it is. If she is a legitimate student she can purchase the latest software (e.g. Office 2010 Pro including Outlook, Access and ) for about £40. It will come as a bit of a shock to you though :o) Check it out and post back if she doesn`t realise this.

  tony-guitar 00:36 11 Nov 2010

My PC has Office 2000, which is why my daughter can't open the 'x' suffix files on it. Her pc has 'Open Office' which can open them so she can get around these problems. I've downloaded it too so she has options when she comes over to me. Also, for Taff, she's not actually a student, its a one day a week course that she attends on her day off from work, so i guess wouldn't qualify for the special offer from MS. However, her homework session here went well, apart from one frustrating time trying to rotate an image in 'MS Word'. We still don't know how to do it. Again, thanks for all your help - Tony

  Strawballs 04:09 11 Nov 2010

If you install the latsest version of Open Office 3.0 I think click here it is compatible with MS office

  Taff™ 21:02 11 Nov 2010

On a one day "release" you may be right about the discounted software but if she cares to ask at the college IT department they may offer a solution. No harm in asking because I know it can be done if they put their minds to it ......

Rotating a picture in Word:

Right click the image and select "Show Picture Toolbar" with a normal left click. Look for the icon that says "Rotate Left" when hovered over. It Looks Like an upright triangle adjacent to one on it`s side with an arrow above it pointing to the left.

I also suggest looking at "Format Picture" which gives you several tabs for Colours & Lines" (Borders), Size, Layout (In Front of, behind text etc) and simple brightness & Contrast control under the Picture tab.

Trust that works in Word 2000!

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