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Open new tab in Firefox.

  anskyber 21:12 06 Feb 2007

I think I'm getting tired now. I've got FF2 opening links in new tabs but I can only open bookmarks (IE favourites) in new tabs by right clicking and selecting open in new tab.

Is there a way to open bookmarks in new tabs?

  Technotiger 21:43 06 Feb 2007

Hi, as an experiment I just tried it in FF2. First I clicked on 'Show Bookmarks' then I clicked on 'Open New Tab' finally I clicked on one of my bookmarks - hey presto it opened in the new tab.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:38 06 Feb 2007

Open your Bookmarks (book icon)

Right click one of you bookmarks

select open in new tab

  Technotiger 22:43 06 Feb 2007

Hmmm, maybe we are all getting tired ... in your post you have already answered your own question!


  anskyber 11:44 07 Feb 2007

9 hours of sorting Vista just about saw me off yesterday!

Still here though. Yes I did answer my own question! I did wonder though if like IE7 it was possible to do so from a single click of the bookmark itself rather than right clicking it first. In IE7 if you click a small button to the right of the favourite (bookmark) it launches a new tab as a single click rather than the left/right routine of FF.

I do now have IE7 back. One of my bundled bits of software with my Canon scanner (Omnipage 2.0) was blocking IE7, a simple uninstall did the trick. It was just luck finding the culprit amongst all the bits of software I have.

  anskyber 11:46 07 Feb 2007

I should have added, many thanks to all for your help.

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