Open an MPE file.....How?

  Diemmess 12:51 20 Jun 2003

My daughter has sent me a file (supposedly loads of laughs) with a subscript MPE

Tried windows media player including upgraded my version of player for(Windows98SE)

Have searched Google (not very well) for clues and found a dark reference to PDF and a hint of Macintosh, but no really useful stuff.

I don't want to confess to my daughter that I cannot open it yet, because we have a running battle where she doesn't want to know about computer technical stuff and always makes heavy weather interpreting anything I send her.

Staff in her design office have no trouble, but that is one of the things they are paid for!

Can anyone help me "save face"?

  Big Elf 13:03 20 Jun 2003

Add the association to the file extension in the folder options and link it to Media player. I've got XP so I can't remember how to do it in 98SE. I get the option to 'Open With' if I right click on a file and again don't know if that's available in 98. Hope this helps.

  AndySD 13:03 20 Jun 2003

You may need to update the codecs for media player.... check which version you have click here;en-us;324290 for Media Player 6.4 and 7

  Confab 13:22 20 Jun 2003

its an MPEG movie and will open with either the latest media player, real player or divx player. Download the latest ones of these three players and try to open your file through each while connected on then net. (the reason being is the player will search for the correct codec o play the file if its not already on your pc)


  Diemmess 13:49 20 Jun 2003

I notice that the downloaded file started life as an attachment "KickTheDog.mpeg" not .mpe as it is stored among the downloaded stuff.

I updated Windows Media Player and running it gives error information as 0xC00D1199 and the possibility that seems to apply is.....The file type is supported by the Player but the file was compressed by using a codec that is not supported by the Player.

When I have a moment later this afternoon I will try Amber-Shortie's advice and update Real Player next.

I promise to tick this if and when I have an answer.

  Megatyte 15:38 20 Jun 2003

Download and run DivX free from

click here

When installing select 'Custom' and de-select the player(you don't have to, but it's not really needed). Most files should now play in Media Player.


  wheelie 20:43 20 Jun 2003

Try Irfanview. It can cope with most media/graphics files click here

  Diemmess 13:14 21 Jun 2003

Sorry.......... I have done almost everything suggested by you all. Done them in order, and rebooted to make sure.... but it boils down to an unrecognised and therefore unreadable file.

Will just have to admit it and so prolong the argument (daughter's opinion) that Aol is partly to blame.

She uses Apple Mac of course... and Demon for the net. Why she cannot send me an openable file when her staff can do it without fuss, has more to do with "horses for courses" than any defective software by Demon or Aol.

Thanks to all who tried to help!

  barrie_g 13:26 21 Jun 2003

have you tried "Quicktime Player" as this is Apple software and is avialable as a download if you click here

  wheelie 00:17 19 Sep 2003

Bit of a long shot, this...

Try renaming the file so that it reads (filename).avi and see if that works.

  Megatyte 00:45 19 Sep 2003

MPE player at...

click here


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