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  Paranoid Android 18:49 26 Mar 2004

A colleague at work has an odd problem with Excel (2000). Whenever she goes to save a new document is has Template format pre-selected and she has to remember to change this to Excel workbook.

There are no files in the XLStart folder - I checked.

Any ideas ???

(VOG are you out there ???)



(trying to maintain reputation in spite of having not a clue). ; ]

  VoG II 18:57 26 Mar 2004

How odd!

Even if there was something in the XLStart folder, templates are not loaded automatically from there, just available from the file menu.

All that springs to mind is if the has an add-in loading that night be causing this - look in Tools/Addins.

Could try a Detect and Repair from the Help menu.

Sorry I can't offer anything more concrete.

  VoG II 19:17 26 Mar 2004

You could try posting the question at click here where the *real* Excel experts hang out.

  Paranoid Android 20:06 26 Mar 2004


My tuppence worth would be to save a new blank file as Book1.xlt. Perhaps the overwrite might correct things but as stated earlier - how odd!

  Paranoid Android 21:02 26 Mar 2004

Thanks guys. Keep posting the rest of you, I need your brains (gibber, gibber).


Courtesy of the other site:

Try Tools-Options and then the Transition Tab, select the Microsoft Excel Workbook from the drop down box



  Paranoid Android 21:50 26 Mar 2004

Ta very much, I'll take a look monday.


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