open in?

  podlod 10:20 02 Nov 2008

Hi,Just a silly question as I have forgotten how to carry out this function being as follows; I have hundreds of letters and by mistake I have asked to open them in windows photos from Microsoft word, now when I want to open a letter they all keep opening in windows photos, how can I change them altogether without doing it one by one? Thanks for any help.

  Technotiger 10:24 02 Nov 2008

Go to Start>Set Program Access and Defaults ...

  Technotiger 10:27 02 Nov 2008

Or, in your My Documents folder, right-click on one of the letters and then on Open with ....

  podlod 13:02 02 Nov 2008

Hi Techno, when I go into my documents and then a folder, yes the letter is there but when I want to enlarge the letter it still keeps asking what I want to open it in?

  DieSse 13:12 02 Nov 2008

You do what Tt says - right click on any document - click "Open With" - then choose which program (Word presumable, if they're letters).

Then tick the box "Always Open With" - and this will ensure ALL your documents in future will open with what you chose.

  Technotiger 13:14 02 Nov 2008

Don't try and enlarge it in My Documents, just right-click on it and then choose as DieSse says.

  podlod 08:01 03 Nov 2008

Hi, Diesse I did exactly as you said, open the document, then right click on the letter, clicked `open with` microsoft word, then word appeared and it was encoded, and it did not say anything regarding "always open with?"

  BT 08:16 03 Nov 2008

As Tecnotiger said right click on a letter icon in the Document folder -DONT OPEN IT- then choose Open with from the right click menu and follow DieSSe's instuctions.

  podlod 13:26 03 Nov 2008

Hi, I did exactly as you said and clicked `choose program`and clicked microsoft word and it still came up encoded and the small panel alongside read `CYRILLIC ( DOS )I then changed to microsoft windows european clicked ok, and low and behold it reversed back to CYRILLIC, still no joy?driving me crazy!!!!!

  DieSse 13:46 03 Nov 2008

What are your letters then, and how were they created in the first place?

Sometimes corruption of the template in Word can cause very strange effects even on previously created docs.

The solution for that is to delete the file, and let Word create a fresh new one.

  podlod 14:06 03 Nov 2008

Hi, the letters were copied from my Epson copier with which I transfered into my documents area and then into TruCrypt.

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