Op System and Data Transfer

  Sea Urchin 01:24 06 Jul 2013

I have always understood that it is not really possible to transfer ALL information on your computer to a new upgraded machine. However, this Serif product claims that it can do it.

PC Mover

I would be extremely grateful for any comments or information from Forum members as to the likelihood of this product working. With many thanks.

  Sea Urchin 01:26 06 Jul 2013

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  rdave13 02:44 06 Jul 2013

Paragon professional 12 states it can transfer the OS to a new machine. That's fine for 7 and up as it's an online process for drivers.

Serif is no slouch company but do they mean transferring 'installed' programs to a new PC, which has a new OS,and these programs can run? Or do they mean transferring all your documents? For a tenner try it out and let us know, please.....

  Sea Urchin 09:13 06 Jul 2013

Good morning rdave13

Yes, they claim in accompanying literature that any op sys from XP onwards can be transferred to any other, and that installed programs can be run on the new machine immediately. I do have some doubts on that score!

However, as you say, for a tenner it's worth a tryout - so I think I'll get one. It will be a month or two before I can put it into practice, but I will certainly report back.

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