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  [DELETED] 09:55 26 Dec 2003

On xmas eve my internet connection (tiscali) malfunctioned, I rang their help line and was treated with utmost kindness and courtesy by someone who appeared to be an Indian gentleman. He spent 15mins going through all that seemed to be wrong but was unable to find the fault he then apologised and said he would get in touch with the engineers, and if the fault had not cleared in 24hrs, asked me to ring back. The fault was cleared on xmas morning. At 9am this morning (boxing day) the same gentleman rang to check everything was ok was was most profuse in apologies for any inconvenience. How's that for service?? Secondly having used Norton av for some time and getting fed up with them warning me that they detected a virus on my PC, which they were unable to clear(this is a fully updated version) and having to go to google to find an answer. I took VOGs advice and changed to AVG,no problems now. Happy christmas to all

  [DELETED] 10:06 26 Dec 2003

Great news. I have heard that Tiscali had improved their customer service. I have used Plusnet and they are superb. I Dad(died 3 months ago)had BT broadband and he thought they were very poor and poor with customer service. The icing on the cake was when I informed them that he had died suddenly and wanted to cancel the BB subscription. They wanted it in writing with a copy of the death certificate! Ok, i can some times understand that but the most upsetting point is that they continued to write to him about his cancellation asking why etc.Very poor.
My brother went to Virgin and has now left them after 6 months of poor reliability and customer service. He's joined Plusnet now and is very happy. I hear Pippex is ilso very good.

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