Onspeed.com - Are their claims good?

  barnacarry 11:42 17 Jul 2004

Having seen their advert in this months PCAdvisor, does anyone have first hand knowledge of their claims of dramatic speed increases of 5 times ordinary dial-up?

  TomJerry 11:57 17 Jul 2004

I read a review in a computer magzine (cannot remmmber which, maybe PCA) a couple of months ago. The product was highly regarded. So their claim maybe correct.

But you have to put this is context. For downloading files, this cannot happen technically because almost all files for downloading (zip, mp3, Rar etc) are already compressed, so cannot compress further.

The main thing can be compressed is text file which is want web page use. So if you just use web for site broswering and download email, the speed increase is difinitely possible by compressing (this is every speeding such as onspeed do). For graphics, most web pictures are in ipg format which is a compressed format cannot be further compressed without loss of quality. All speeding programs can speed up web suring with pictures by reducing pictures quality.

One thing to consider, all web traffic will go through their server, so security issues may arise. I think some shopping site may not allow you to carry out transcation through this method.

I only guess (based on technical possiblity) because I have not used this service.

  GRFT 12:23 17 Jul 2004

I've been using Onspeed for some weeks and the main difference I've noticed is that surfing is now faster; some pages previously took ages to load, so much so that sometimes I gave up and tried something else. But, as TomJerry mentions, the speed in downloading files remains pretty much the same. I haven't noticed any problems with security or with shopping sites so far.
So, is it worth the £24.00 annual sub? If you do a lot of surfing I would say yes. My online experience is definitely a lot less frustrating than it used to be.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 17 Jul 2004

click here read this thread, just write onspeed into the search box on this forum and you will find lots of threads about this service.

  Stuartli 15:36 17 Jul 2004

I posted a registry tweak some time ago from the Scream website - this is the same tweak but from a different source:

click here

Cheaper than £1.99 a month and a lot of delighted forum members at the time...:-)

Just found original link:

click here

  barnacarry 15:36 17 Jul 2004

Thanks everyone. Although I am only a weekend surfer and spend about 3-4 hours each time on the net I do tend to download quite a few things but it would seem from your views that perhaps, for the money, it may not be worthwhile. Thanks again for the input.

  cyberphobic 17:12 17 Jul 2004


  Stuartli 17:57 17 Jul 2004

If you "...tend to download quite a few things" then why not install FreshDownload?

It's free, free of ads, has a Resume feature if a link is lost (if supported by the website) etc and is regularly updated by Fresh Devices:

click here

  Vixenight 23:03 17 Jul 2004

I have been using Onspeed for the last two months and in my opinion it is well worth the money. If you use graphic intensive sites such as Webshots it is very fast. I also find that connecting to sites is much faster and that this site comes up faster. I have tried the other tweak suggested and found no difference. Downloading with Fresh Download is no quicker but overal for £25 it is very good value.

  Stuartli 09:48 18 Jul 2004

>>Downloading with Fresh Download is no quicker but overal for £25 (OnSpeed I presume) it is very good value>>

FreshDownload is free - now that's what I call very good value.

Many of those who have used the registry tweak given reported that the eventual outcome was very similar to using OnSpeed.

  barnacarry 14:23 18 Jul 2004

Ok. I'm just downloading FreshDownload and the other 3 items that come with it and if I can tweak my registry, as suggested by Stuartli, this will, hopefully, help with my 'phone bill.
Thanks again, everyone, I'll let you know how it goes.

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