Onspeed slowing down broadband

  johnem 16:03 30 Jun 2007

The last couple of days I have noticed that with Onspeed enabled, it dramatically slows down all downloads. As soon as Onspeed is stopped, normal speeds resume. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it is a setting on my machine. Any ideas?

  Jackcoms 16:12 30 Jun 2007

"As soon as Onspeed is stopped, normal speeds resume .......... Any ideas?"

Remove Onspeed?

  johnem 16:14 30 Jun 2007

Thanks for that, that could be the answer if all else fails.

  [email protected] 16:16 30 Jun 2007

disable/stop onspeed until monday then contact them from
click here

  johnem 16:19 30 Jun 2007

Thanks for the link, I will contact them on Monday.

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