Bren.ie 15:13 14 Nov 2005

Hase anyone used ONSPEED Internet accelerator?

Does it work?

  keewaa 15:25 14 Nov 2005

It is good for surfing the net on dial up, for anything else it won't help (downloding or broadband).

  octal 15:25 14 Nov 2005

I've never used it, so I can't say. But if you do a search in the Helproom there are plenty of threads on it, this is just one of them click here manke up your own mind.

  dogbreath1 17:57 14 Nov 2005

I've used it with dialup. The program keeps a record of performance, which seems quite impressive...but, tbh, I didn't notice a discernable difference. To confirm what keewaa found, it doesn't speed up downloads (but doesn't claim to).

If you do give it a try, don't expect to be overwhelmed!!

  Bren.ie 10:01 15 Nov 2005

Thanks to everyone for your help

  Stuartli 11:02 15 Nov 2005

If ONSpeed did what it claims in adverts - i.e. provide the equivalent of broadband speeds - no one would bother with BB...:-)

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