Onsite Warranty will it become void if i upgrade

  Tick Tock 20:01 16 Aug 2005

I am looking at a new pc from evesham with
a 2 year onsite warranty if i add some more
ram say in 12 months will the warranty become
viod as soon as i open the case

  johnnyrocker 20:05 16 Aug 2005

varies from manufacture to manufacturer would seek clarification from supplier or increase the memory now?


  Totally-braindead 20:10 16 Aug 2005

Have to agree with johnnyrocker here some manufacturers seal the back of the PC case with a sticker and once the stickers damaged the warranty is invalidated. You would have to contact them and ask.

  shizzy 22:22 16 Aug 2005

We've always had Eveshams and they allow you to open the case unless things have changed recently.

  Happy Soul 22:27 16 Aug 2005

My mate got himself a new Fuji Computer and within a week the DVD stopped working. He phoned the help number who gave me permission to check the power to DVD, the plug had popped out, and gave a reference number as I had to break the seal.

  Tick Tock 20:19 17 Aug 2005

Thanks for replys.

Also can you tell me if a problem cant be
fixed at home while under a onsite warranty
who pays the cost for back to base and return
is it the pc supplier.

  woodchip 20:33 17 Aug 2005

you do more often than not

  Tick Tock 20:41 17 Aug 2005

So a onsite warranty is not as good as it sounds
if thats the case.

  ulrich 21:06 17 Aug 2005

I have an Evesham PC for the last 3yrs, I have had problems, which were all mine with software, a telephone call soon sorted it out, I have changed Graphics card twice, the case once, on receipt of my PC they said they didn't mind upgrades so long as you advised them, if you mess up then tough, but if you put in more RAM, and a week later your Hard Drive packs up, so long as you haven't caused the problem I am sure Evesham will fix it. If I buy anothe PC I know where it will come from.

  shizzy 22:32 17 Aug 2005

We have also had PCs go back to Evesham for repair and never had to pay.They are not perfect but unless they have changed their guarantee does work as it says.We have used them since 98 and would do so again,in fact we had our last new one from them earlier this year.

  johnnyrocker 01:19 18 Aug 2005

i would stand by my original post


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