only small screen using Advent 7094 laptop

  [DELETED] 22:39 26 Jun 2006

hi everyone, i wonder if you can help me? my son recently purchased an Advent 7094 laptop computer and is having a few teething troubles. firstly when we are on the internet we only have a small screen (about a 2" border around the edges)leaving us with the window in the middle of the screen. [/img]click here[img]

we have tried everything we know using the computers own settings but still we have this small screen. so any help would be much appreciated. we have our own desktop and are quite pc savvy but this one needs someones expert knowledge. so that's where you guys come in. we did post a help question on the p c world site (from whence it was purchased)but its been over a fortnight and they haven't replied.

the second is just about tiny blips in connectivity. for very brief, but very annoying seconds the internet goes off and then back on again. i've seen it do this and it's not all the time but i do agree that when your on an online game (he plays on that Runescape game) it does start to annoy. i've read other peoples problems and they too seem to be experiencing similar troubles and worse. so if you have the definitive answer please get in touch.

p.s we are using a D-Link DL-524 router.

many thanks

  [DELETED] 22:56 26 Jun 2006

Is this a widescreen laptop?

With regards to connectivity, there are a lot of things that could intefere with it, do you have a cordless phone nearby? does the connection go off when the phone rings, anything newly installed like a wireless video sender? Is there other networks present in the area?

Also disable UpNp on the D-Link and also gaming mode, whilst this may seem contradictory, it's what was recommended to me by D-Link support staff and it did sort my problems and I've noticed no considerable lag in internet speed or ping times.

  [DELETED] 09:46 27 Jun 2006

thanks for repling De Marcus. the laptop has only a 14.1" screen. it was bought by my twelve year old son to do his homework on and play that Runescape game without having to fight with his sister for the main pc downstairs. he is however bitterly dissapointed with it and wishes he hadn't bought it now. and because he's so upset so am i. that's why i'm a dad on a mission to try and find him an answer. do you think it's anything to do at NTL's end? should i ring them?or could it be the way the web pages have been designed? i'm so angry for him that i'll try anything. and i mean anger in the way that you get something and you just expect everything to be hunky dory and just work perfectly and it never really does. thanks for the connectivity info, i'll try that. if you, or anyone else, has any more ideas it'd be mush appreciated.

mikey b

  [DELETED] 09:58 27 Jun 2006

click here

click here

sugestion is you need to reduce screen resolution to 800-600

  [DELETED] 10:06 27 Jun 2006

you guys are the best. i'm now one happy dad and when he gets in from school he'll be one happy little boy.



mikey b

  [DELETED] 10:14 27 Jun 2006

Glad to help, tell your boy to use the first link some good info and tweeks there..

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