Only one USB port

  Wayne690 08:56 05 Oct 2005

I want to use a vid cam whilst on the Internet but my only usb port is used by my broadband connection and the vid cam lead is also usb. Is there an adapter or something that can be used to plug into another port on my computer?

  JayDay 09:01 05 Oct 2005

You can buy a USB card for a few pounds. Just fit it into a spare PCI slot inside your PC. A cheap and cheerful one from Dabs will cost just over £7.00 click here

  JayDay 09:03 05 Oct 2005

By the way I am not recommending this card, it's just an example.

  mgmcc 09:04 05 Oct 2005

Buy a powered USB hub. This plugs into the existing port, has its own power supply so that the internal USB bus isn't overloaded and provides additional USB ports to connect peripherals to.

If your existing port is USB 2.0, you require a USB 2.0 hub (but this WOULDN'T upgrade an existing USB 1.1 port to USB 2.0)

  Stuartli 09:07 05 Oct 2005

A powered four ports or more USB hub connected to your system's USB port might also suffice or a front bay panel such as these from:

click here

  Wayne690 09:13 05 Oct 2005

My machine is a laptop, second hand under warranty, and I don't think there's room for another usb port. Nor can I get access inside the machine. Do the hubs you suggest just plug into the existing single usb port?

  Stuartli 09:19 05 Oct 2005

You should have made it clear it was a laptop...:-)

Yes, a powered hub will run from the one USB port on your laptop (you will need a mains adapter connection as well).

One on these lines will do (can be bought cheaper)

click here

  anskyber 09:20 05 Oct 2005

Yes I have 2 and they work perfectly on my laptop

  De Marcus™ 09:21 05 Oct 2005

If your pc has pcmcia slots you can purchase a usb2 card that will simply slot into these, no need to take the laptop apart. These type of cards can be had for less than £20.

  De Marcus™ 09:24 05 Oct 2005
  Stuartli 09:27 05 Oct 2005

Choose make, number of ports and price..:-)

click here

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