Only one shockwave flash file, but keeps crashing Google Chrome

  BrendaMartino Becker 13:28 24 Aug 2014

Maybe someone here can help me. I have a problem with shockwave flash crashing, it has gotten to be constant. I have found many sites that tell how to fix it, simple really, but they are all going on the assumption that I have 2 shockwave flash files. I don't, I only have one. So, now what do I do? How did this happen in the first place? Any help appreciated, thanks!

  rdave13 15:34 24 Aug 2014

I don't use Chrome but it might be the browser's fault not Flash.

Reset browser settings in Chrome might help. Shows what will be affected and not affected by resetting.

  alanrwood 19:03 24 Aug 2014

If you are crashing in Chrome then re-install Chrome as the version of Flash in Chrome is specific to Chrome itself and called Pepper Flash. It is included with the Chrome installation files. Download the latest version of Chrome from

  Devil Fish 20:50 24 Aug 2014

may be 2 instances of flash. In address bar type about:plugins near top of page you should see pepper flash which is the built in version

look to see if you have adobe flash as well

if this is the case disable pepper flash

close browser and restart

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