Only one firewall??

  JBX22 03:43 29 Mar 2006

While browsing the forum I saw a post from ade.h who seems to know a heck of a lot, advising that only one firelwall should be connected. Can I ask for clarification?

We have a new laptop that is running XP-Pro firewall nd Norton 2006 Fire wall and I think there's a firewall in the router (Vigor 2600+).

DO I need to turn some of these off? Like a previous contributor I always imagined that the more firewalls the better?


  mgmcc 09:03 29 Mar 2006

The recommendation is normally not to run more than one *SOFTWARE* firewall as this can cause a conflict. By all means run a software firewall in the PC in conjunction with the router's hardware firewall, because the router's firewall only controls incoming internet traffic. A software firewall (not Micro$tuff's useless effort) will also control outgoing traffic to the internet. You can therefore select which programs are allowed to have internet access.

It is actually more important not to run multiple AntiVirus programs than multiple firewalls, but one software firewall is adequate.

  JBX22 10:22 29 Mar 2006

Thanks for this. I'm assuming then it is ok to leave the MS firewall on with the Norton (it did keep coming up that there are 2 firewalls but I ticked "don't show me again". Should be ok?


  mgmcc 11:27 29 Mar 2006

Personally, I would disable the Windows firewall and, in your case, rely on the Norton one.

There is no merit in using Windows' firewall if you have a router - it only works on "incoming" traffic which your router's hardware firewall will already be controlling effectively.

  JBX22 11:35 29 Mar 2006

Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

  ade.h 16:23 29 Mar 2006

Quote "who seems to know a heck of a lot"

I'm not sure if that's supposed to be complimentary or sarcastic. I'll assume the former, but would like to clarify that I don't! I know just enough, but could always know more. Right now, I'm digesting a lot of networking trying to find out as much a possible.

  ade.h 16:24 29 Mar 2006

That should read "networking articles".

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