Is this only a link?

  Diemmess 16:05 16 Nov 2004

This is a parallel thread and concerns only a detail.

This is the target string to an unwanted shortcut on the desktop of a family computer. I have shoved in some spaces to avoid it becoming a link in this post.

"C:\Program Files\lnternet Explorer \ lEXPLORE. EXE" http: // www .prrnvvuogpxrkwnjix. ukANzMOT4pBLghribOluKno/ggtGAwU/G/FimR3d9Niz3AvGO87M8uib5ZU6nT4sNC3EAH VujIDV21 MMt49TIE8fOrQgLAynX8l.cgi

I now think it is only a link and deleting the shortcut should get rid of it all?

  Diemmess 16:47 16 Nov 2004

Just one point (showing my ignorance) This is a computer mess. Trying sort it for family.

They didn't have Spybot, AdAware should be there in the background like ZoneAlarm? (they didn't have that either).

Do I keep all three on that computer or which would you keep?

  Diemmess 17:13 16 Nov 2004

An earlier thread now well down the list "clearing a mess and unwanted links"........led to this simpler post.

When I saw this computer earlier today it had only AVG for protection, no virus found.

I ran CClean and then installed Spybot and ran that. Spybot fixed about a dozen items.

There still remains Mysearch and 6 shortcuts to other sites including another version of IE (maybe connected with MySearch)

I have assembled a CD of recommended tools -AdAware, SpyBot, CW shredder, Spyblaster, and Zone Alarm (which might have prevented all this nonsense).

Quite simply, which of these worthy cleaner/preventers would you install on tomorrows trip to save the computer, (and my reputation in the family)?

  Diemmess 15:39 17 Nov 2004

I spent another 2 hrs this morning and cleared 115 items of malware etc and those links (which did not return).

However IE is screwed up and all sorts are not as they should be, so I shall go and visit when G-Daughter is out of school, make sure she has copies of what she wants, and bring the outfit here for a "Format C:" and reinstall.

It is an ageing HP Vectra and I prefer to have it where I can access obscure drivers from the net.

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