Only 4 Pages now, Can I get More????

  Green 1 01:11 05 Apr 2004

I hope you guys can help, I only get 4 pages to look at now and wonder if there is a way of getting more, there was 10 a while ago can you tell me why they have been chopped down. Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  hugh-265156 01:19 05 Apr 2004

this is why click here click here

  end 09:14 05 Apr 2004

ARE they going to remain AT the 4 level or ...the four pages get filled VERY rapidly; I know there is the " archive" , but more browsing for solutions within the pages would be useful ; hopefully someone has already "been there and had the problem solved".. or are there now more than the four that I am getting .....

  Cesar 09:28 05 Apr 2004

The Forum Editor has gone to great lengths to explain the difference between the old and the new helproom pages, the Server has been changed and the massive database has had to be moved and it has gone so smoothly that only a few whingers have noticed it, if you read all the FE posts you will have been brought up to date on what has been going on.

  david4637 20:09 05 Apr 2004

Perhaps the FE could tell us here - are we going to get a 10 page forum back eventually-its badly needed, the above links do not say. Thanks David

  Forum Editor 20:22 05 Apr 2004

we have it under review. I think there is some merit in having more than 200 threads available - particularly in the Helproom, and we'll add this request to our list of things to be considered.

Watch this space - but don't expect any change to happen overnight.

  Green 1 01:47 06 Apr 2004

Please, I`m NOT moaning I have just come back from three wks holiday and saw the change as I like to look at the old threads, I`m sure that a lot of people would like to do the same. As this is a popular forum four pages get filled fast, the reason I asked was maybe I was doing something wrong at my end and could increase it. Many thanks for the replies.

  stlucia 12:26 06 Apr 2004

You're right -- it seems to have happened overnight, despite FE's denial!!

  david4637 14:37 06 Apr 2004

WE HAVE GOT OUR 10 PAGE FORUM BACK. Thanks very much to all those concerned in its return. David

  Forum Editor 17:39 06 Apr 2004

but it makes sense to be cautious - so we aren't accused of making promises and not keeping them.

In this case we could react rapidly so we did. Let's see how the site runs over the next four or five days, and if there are no problems we'll keep the ten page format going.

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