Only 16 bit colour

  funkam 09:22 11 Jun 2003

Please help, my pc graphics card will only display 16 bit colour and reverts back each time I try to change it.Thanks a lot Funkam

  bof:) 09:47 11 Jun 2003

funkam have you tried reinstalling your graphic's card drivers?

What operating system are you using?


  Pesala 13:55 11 Jun 2003

Mine will manage 32-bit colour, but only at 1024 x 768 pixels. If I try to increase the resolution the number of colours drops to 16-bit. I have 32 Mbytes of onboard shared graphics memory. It doesn't matter, 16-bit colour is fine, it won't affect the numbers of colours used in your prints. I find the higher resolution too fuzzy any way, so I don't use it.

If you really meant to say 16 colours, then you do have problem.

  funkam 17:21 11 Jun 2003

Im on windows 98,I dont have any drivers.It is 16 colours

  Pesala 18:01 11 Jun 2003

State your graphics card, or onboard graphics chip, Operating System, and other relevant details. Then maybe someone can help. I am not too sure what you need to do.

Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Display Adapter will show you what you have. You say you have no drivers. Why not? Did you have them before, install a new card, reformat your drive. Is anything shown in Device Manager? At least a generic driver.

  woodchip 18:04 11 Jun 2003

There is a difference in 16 bit and 16 colours, which is it.

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