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Online Status of a Skype colleague remains "AWAY".

  K*B 18:48 25 Dec 2015

Hello friends. For about 1 year now, the Skype online status of a colleague has indicated as "AWAY" on my laptop. That has prevented me from talking to him for a whole year. Does this online status mean something has gone wrong with my Skype settings, his Skype settings and therefore needs correction, or maybe the person has actually changed the status to read as "AWAY" permanently. I've been wondering how because I know he talks to a particular Skype colleague almost everyday using the same contact that has indicated on my laptop as "AWAY" for the past one year. Any explanations? Thanks in advance.

  Nontek 21:08 25 Dec 2015

Being shown as "Away" in Skype means virtually nothing. I talk almost daily to a friend over 200miles away in UK even though my friend is always shown as "Away". My friend and I still contact vis Skype in the usual way.

  iscanut 21:10 25 Dec 2015

Why not email, phone or write to him to find out or just try and initiate a session with him and see what happens.

  Ventad 08:50 26 Dec 2015

Just tell him to click on 'status' and then click on 'online' then when he logs in it will show him on line. Otherwise as Nontec says just contact him whatever it says, he will then choose wether to answer if of course he is near his computer as some people leave their computer on all the time, just as I used to and one of my relations in Australia used to get quite annoyed that I did not answer immediately .

  NevenLand 08:57 28 Dec 2015

like Nontek said, the status is meaningless, the only reason for it is so people you don't want to talk to will not send you messages. you can also put "do not disturb" but people can still talk to you.

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