Online shop code needed - Will pay

  Icemanrik 11:22 24 May 2004

Hello there, I don't know if I am allowed to advertise this here but I'll try!
I am looking for someone who can write code for an online shop. What i need is the links, basket and payment details and help with the gathering of this detail for the delivery and processing.
Please contact me and we'll discuss further.

Thank you very much!

  Taran 12:11 24 May 2004

There is a general policy in this forum of not using it for business purposes.

Some of us are commercial web designers but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the purpose of this forum is to help and assist, not to use it as a vehicle of business.

I suggest a few things:

If you have questions about aspects of any web related topic then feel free to ask and you will get helpful replies.

In this day and age of established e-commerce, asking for a bespoke application from anyone would be unrealistically expensive. There are well established third party software solutions currently available and I suggest that you consider one or more of them based on your requirements rather than ask for a custom solution.

Think of it like this - if you want a car it's cheaper (and quicker) to go into any showroom and hand over your money for any one of the cars from any given manufacturer and range than have one custom built from scratch.

Another consideration is web hosting. Linux web hosting with Apache, MySQL and PHP will limit you to a PHP and MySQL solution while you could go with ASP and Access or Microsoft SQL or even .NET on Windows IIS web hosting. So if you already have a web host and are happy with their service, it would help to know whether you are on Windows IIS or Apache running on Linux. Knowing this will allow one of us to nudge you in the right direction for suitable products, or if you have no web hosting at present we can suggest based on your requirements.

There are some good Open Source shopping/e-commerce solutions that you can download and use for free. All you pay for is the payment integration with whichever payment handler or bank you want to use for finance transfers. This is where things can get expensive, but before we get to that, try the following links for some general information:

One of the best, free to use e-commerce packages is osCommerce click here

Inland Revenue guide to e-commerce in relation to tax and so on click here

PayPal is widely used and, although it has its limitations, it can also be quite easy to set up: click here

Check with your web host too. Most web hosts provide off the peg e-commerce solutions that are ready to run. All you do is full the backend database with your product range details and set up your payment details.

Another possibility for a simple solution that can work quite well is NetObjects Fusion, a web designing program, which has a drop in e-commerce module. You still have to set up your payment options but it does make it a possibility to generate your own e-commerce site yourself without getting too technical, which a lot of people like.

If you can post details of what you might like to sell, how wide a product range you would be handling and whether you want to take credit card payments it might help us to point you in the right direction.

Another option is your local Business Link centre click here for more details. Business Link offers new and existing companies all kinds of advice and help on all sorts of issues, from getting started, grants, bookkeeping, marketing and so on. It doesn't matter whether you're a one man band or a small company with an employee payroll, they will try to assist.

Finally, you could check the UKWDA click here for local web designers. you can search by region and you may find some useful contacts to local businesses that could help you out.

  Taran 12:14 24 May 2004

The above is perhaps a little too general.

I'll boil it down to this summary: e-commerce need not be as difficult as some would have you believe but it is impossible to say "Do x, y and z" unless we know the kind of market you want to pitch at.

Try and give us some specifics to work with and we will try to narrow things down to a suitable solution for you.


  AndySD 14:03 24 May 2004

Try click here or even some Hosts supply it with their accounts click here

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