Online scanner for windowsME please thankyou

  bof:) 13:16 25 Jun 2007

Hi all, after receiving an email from a friend I've been trying to get rid of the virus on her pc for her.

She is using Windows ME, and AVG Anti-spyware 7.5 cannot be used on windows ME according to the message we got when trying to download it.

AVG .5, already on the pc fails to update, get a message saying cannot find the website when licking on update.

Online Housecall freezes before finishing to update.

I tried to reinstall AVG from a cd disk I burnt off but her pc will not recognise there is anything on the disk (I'm using WinXP home).

So any idea which online scanners will scan pc's still using winME ?

Many thanks,


  bof:) 13:27 25 Jun 2007

should say AVG 7.5 Free already on pc.

  malcolme 13:27 25 Jun 2007

Go to this site click here download Stinger, it is a standalone anti virus. Just done a search and AVG 6 is for WinME.

  uesquebeathus 13:40 25 Jun 2007

do you know what virus is in the computer?

Many trojans and worm type virus problems also try to defend themselves and block ip addresses and antivirus tools, it might start out, but then the virus will protect itself then the antivirus tool will be blocked from working. one method to beat
this is to do the antivirus scan in safe mode as the virus will not have been activated as it is almost not possible for a virus to do anything.
try and install AVG or any good antivirus tool then start the computer keep clicking the F8 key then select safe mode from the list do the scan thatn restart in normal mode then do the scan again,
other free antivirus to try is Avast, or a trial from Panda,or aSquared antispyware/antimalware also free after a month trial, it does try to get rid of everything.
or try this online scanner from CA eTrust
click here

or try this online from Symantec
click here

  bof:) 15:03 25 Jun 2007

Hi malcolme and uesquebeathus, I've downloaded Stinger onto a floppy disk ready for use. Thankyou.

I'm not sure of the name of the virus because, I cannot get AVG to run on my friends pc. I know it used to run so I suspect as you say any virus on her pc is attempting to protect itself.

I've tried running AVG in safe mode whilst disconnected from the internet and again AVG has failed to run.

As my friend is away until Tuesday, I'll bookmark the websites you've provided for the online scanners and get her to run them when she is home.

The other problem she is having is that the pc itself is so slow, this I think is due to it not having that much memory. I've cleared out the temp internet files & Temp files. Defraged the pc etc.

Thankyou for your help,its very much appreciated.


  namtas 17:12 25 Jun 2007

I dont understand this, I am using the Free Edition 7.5. 476 of AVG on a spare Windows ME PC.

  namtas 17:16 25 Jun 2007

Didnt read your problem correctly ie you require AVG 7.5 anti-spyware not Anti virus

  MaxUpload 17:42 25 Jun 2007

There is a little confusion here - you say you want an online "Virus Scanner" but are then talking about AVG "Antispyware".

If you want to scan the machine for viruses online and free then go here - click here - where you'll have a choice.

Make careful note of the instructions which apply in part to win2k and XP only , the most important being to disable System Restore before you begin which does apply to winME.

  bof:) 21:00 25 Jun 2007

Hi namtas, yes I was attempting to download AVG antispyware but got a message saying it doesnt work on windowsME.

The copy of AVG Free thats also on this pc has stopped working in that it will no longer get any updates. Every time my friend clicks on update she gets a message saying cannot find website.

Because AVG would not work, I tried using Housecall but that just stops before it downloads. Hence, thats why I was asking about online scanners that will work on Windows ME.

My reference to AVG antispyware and AVG Free was to explain what I'd attempted so far and the reesults I'd got.

I hope this now clearly explains what I've done so far and why I asked about online scanners for windows ME.


  bof:) 21:03 25 Jun 2007

Most of last posting is in answer to MaxUpload's question concerning what help I was asking for.

  umbongo(uk) 03:25 26 Jun 2007

maxupload m e does infact have system restore function

if bof you have updated your windows m e
you will have put the system restore on
turn off system restore if you follow the points below on turning it off but dont see it then it hasnt been put on

1 run ad aware
click here
2 run spybot search and destroy
click here

both programs are free and linked
update both of them then run seperatly first

3 run avg use the official avg link provided it is compatable with all winds
click here

..only enable and create a new restore point AFTER RUNNING THE PROGRAMS above

Disabling System Restore on Windows ME

1. Click Start, Settings, and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon. The System Properties dialog box appears.

NOTE: If the System icon is not visible, click "View all Control Panel options" to display it.

3. Click the Performance tab, and then click File System.
4. Click the Troubleshooting tab, and then check Disable System Restore.
5. Click OK. Click Yes, when you are prompted to restart Windows.

Once you have cleaned the virus or other problem from the computer, reenable System Restore by following these directions

To enable Windows Me System Restore:

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click System, and then click the Performance tab.
3. Click File System, and then click the Troubleshooting tab.
4. Uncheck Disable System Restore.
5. Click OK. Click Yes, when you are prompted to restart Windows.

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