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  User-C36C17DD-CB36-4359-8C1755C210746FBE 11:29 08 Dec 2003

hi. how do i get a small form put on my website that customers fill in so that i recieve their details so that i can respond to them. and how do i link this form to an online payment service like paypal or someone like that.. so that the customer can pay by credit card but not join up to a payment service... please help..

  MichelleC 12:28 08 Dec 2003

Paypal is good but the punters have to open a paypal account in order to make payments. This does tend to put some people off. But PP let's you know all the details when a payment's bee made. Otherwise you need to get a merchant bankers account set up which will take a week or so for them to check out your credentials. Forms are usually provided so you just put a hyperlink on your page which shunts people over to the MB. Read as much as you can as some MB's can rip you off.

i have heard that there is a company that accept credit card payments but only take a percentage of the cost. and they dont charge any set up fees do u know who they are..

  MichelleC 19:03 08 Dec 2003

No, but be careful. If you do a google search you'll find a few MB's. Read the small print and be wary of things like their charges for transfering the proceeds to your bank. Here's a snippet:

What is a Batch Header Fee?

You will be accessed a fee of $0.25 (25 cents) by your bank processor each time you batch your transactions. If you batch only once a day, you will be charged only $0.25 a day. If you AUTO BATCH you will be charged for EACH transaction. (Note: the bank processor charges a penalty for not batching within 24 hours.)

You may also be interested in this;

Maximiser 7 can manage the order direct from your site, but of course, the credit card payment has to be authorised via a merchant account in the normal way.
You'll find that Maximiser has a 'built in' selection of card processors, one of which will open a merchant account for you (subject to status).

The other thing to remember is that you'll need to set up an email digital certificate on the computer which processes the orders.

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