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  gail5863 13:54 10 Oct 2008

OK one for the experts here... my family's business sells motorcycle parts - for lots of different models - to trade and public - all over the phone at the moment. Circa £1-2M business, and 10 staff etc., but we need to develop a website wherebuy people can buy online. Two types of customer - trade and public, so needs to cater for both - trade to be invoiced and public to pay credit card. Parts to be listed by model, picture, parts drawings, description, pricing etc., add to basket etc., The programme needs to allow for putting in cost prices and sales prices in euros or sterling to uk / euro markets and be pretty comprehensive in stock control. I don't think this is an 'off the shelf package' as I tried one of those for something else, but something more advanced developed poss from an off the shelf package to do a specific job. Does anyone know of a package or indeed a company that specialises in these kind of tailored online parts sales packages to sell large number of parts online? or where should we look / what should we do here? Any suggestions very welcome. Thank you for your help. By the way we are based in the Central Midlands region.

  Forum Editor 12:16 11 Oct 2008

using off-the-shelf solutions, possibly with some minor modifications.

I'm travelling abroad at the moment, and internet access isn't all that reliable. Perhaps if nobody else comes up with suggestions within a day or so I can return to your thread on Monday, and give the matter a little more detailed attention?

  wiz-king 13:57 11 Oct 2008

I use a program - heavily customised for our use - that sounds as if I might be ideal for you. The program is called Khaos Control and it's very adaptable. click here. We have customers in almost every country and have been using it for four years with only minor snags.

  gail5863 09:19 13 Oct 2008

Thank you for the suggestion wiz-king - will have a look into this and give them a call later. Any other suggestions very welcome too, thank you, GAIL

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