Online hardware purchasing recommendations?

  pc imbecile 21:08 03 Nov 2003

I popped into my local branch of comet to buy a mains adaptor for my Kodak digital camera, my jaw made an audible bang as it hit the floor after being told that a 3 volt adaptor for the camera is ?25. My question is what sites do you use for purchasing accesories etc for digital cameras, my other question is am i being stupid assuming that a 3 volt mains adaptor would be less than ?25 ???

  Diodorus Siculus 22:30 03 Nov 2003

Well, ?25 seems about right if it is a special one for a camera - the one for my camera gets plugged in instead of a battery and costs roughly the same. If it is a standard adaptor, then it sounds a little high.

  [DELETED] 23:03 03 Nov 2003

click here and search for 'mains adaptors'

  flecc 23:13 03 Nov 2003

Maplins as A_World_Maker suggests, but for the sake of the camera, make sure that you choose a regulated power supply, not a cheaper unregulated model which can connect initially at very high voltages.

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