Online gaming - which connection?

  jaybee67 06:54 17 Apr 2003

Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my internet connection - primarily for online gaming (Half Life, DoD etc)

I have a 56K dial up connection with One Tel at mo, and am fed up with frequent disconnection.

If I upgrade to xADSL, which would be better? A USB connection, or ENet?

Also, there are different 'speed' connections available 0.5 or higher. Would the cheapest option (around £25 - £30/month) at 0.5 be suitable for gaming?

Dont know if my system specs make a difference, so:

Win 98
40GB Hard Drive (about 15% free)
Prophet 4500 Vid Card
SoundBlaster 5.1 Live
56K V90 modem
200MB fixed swap file
2 USB ports (sometimes I use my mouse through one of them)

Thats it, am off to work now, so cant reply to anything til tonight. Thanks for your help.


  vaughan007 08:40 17 Apr 2003

Hello Jon,

A 512K broadband connection is just fine for online gaming. With a 1 Meg connection you dont really get any faster game play, but 1 meg is better for downloading. Dont go for anything less than 512K for online gaming, because you may be a little dissapointed.

If you have been playing on dial up, you will be truly amazed at how much better broadband is.

As for your system:-

A new graphics card might not go a miss. There are some real good bargains around at the moment. You can get TI4200 boards for about 120 to 130 quid (see and these will work with just about any system. The newer Radeon 9500 and upwards series are a bit power hungry and you will have to check whether your power supply unit is up to it (ideally has to be over 300W).

What processor have you got?

If its a 1 ghz or faster a new graphics card and a broadband connection will improve your online gaming experience beyond your wildest dreams.

If you do get a new graphics card, like a TI4200 or something even better, make sure you crank up those video settings in your games to get the most out of it.

  jaybee67 17:35 17 Apr 2003

That reply was really useful.

I'm really not sure that a new vid card would be worth buying, because my processor is a 5 yr old CeleronA which runs at 366MHz. I dont want to/cant afford a whole new system, so maybe upgrading processor is worth looking into?

Does the choice of ENet or USB make a big difference? I followed a thread on here some time back, where a guy wanted to back up his system via USB to a zip drive I think it was. There was a lot of debate about the speed of USB and so on.

My experience of USB has been limited to a scanner which was plug n play, and it gave up the ghost and refused to play after a few months! My mouse occasionally throws its dummy from the pram when connected via USB, so I am a little wary of it.

Once again thanks for your reply.


  vaughan007 15:12 19 Apr 2003

A processor and graphics card upgrade would vastly improve your performance.

A faster than 1Ghz processor would be good. And a vid card like a TI4200 or something similar.

I am not that knowledgable about upgrading.

If you wanted to upgrade your system I suggest you post a specific question in the forum asking what processor/vid card you can put on your motherboard. So remember to post as much info about your motherboard as possible.

All the best.

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