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  superalex 16:29 17 Jan 2003
  superalex 16:29 17 Jan 2003

Hi, I have just started playing online games and am having a few problems.
I have a 6ook broadband connection and a brand new pc which run the games perfectly in single.
I just feel that the games are lagging when I play online ( have someone in my sights, shoot at them, but they dont die, also other characters seem to have faster movement than me)
Am I missing something? Also what is ping?
Thanks in advance from a real novice

  powerless 16:56 17 Jan 2003

Well your expereicing lag as you say.

600K you shouldnt have any lag so i would say its the others players that are letting you down.

Ping is the time it takes for a computer to respond from a ping request.

Simply put Computer (A) sends a ping request to Computer (B) saying are you there? Computer (B) responds saying "Yes i am here". The time is takes for computer (B) to repond is what you are looking for. PING is usally measured in milliseconds (ms) You should be looking for games with a ping under 200ms. That way you have a nice connection to the server and information will passed back and forth very fast. PING over 200ms is ok but the you start to expereicne lag.

Although a millisecond is nothing, in real time its worth alot, especially on online games.

Look for games that have a low ping as i say that will enusre (although no guarantee) that you will play lag free.

Also note that the number of player playing the game will aslo come into the equation. More player = more bandwidth so sometime joining a game with less player will be better.

In my expereince its just joining a game and hope theres is no lag. If you have a fast computer and fast connection as you do, it shouldnt worry you.

On the players moving faster than you, that maybe down to what is known as a speed cheat. There cheating, the cheat allows them to move fater than normal.

However it maybe that your seeing the effects of lag basically ypur computer is correcting a players position in the game so they zooom across the screnn as a result.

What game are you playing?

  jazzypop 16:57 17 Jan 2003

Ping is the time taken (in milliseconds) for a 'signal' to go from your PC, to someone else, and back again. Think of it a bit like how a submarine knows how far it is off the seabed - it uses sonar to bounce out a 'ping' noise, and measures how long it takes for the sound to bounce back.

In gaming terms, the lower your ping, the faster the game. Anything under 200ms is just fine for most games. Note that in order to play an online multiplayer game, everyone has to be synchronised. Therefore, the server controlling the game will throttle everyone back to the slowest response. (I'm generalising here, as it depends on which game and how it is hosted, but it is the most common situation.)

There is nothing that you can do to improve your ping, although many people say that closing down all unnecessary background applications helps.

My guess is that with a 600K connection, you are using NTL. NTL is commonly recognised as providing very good ping times, and is usually better than ADSL in my experience.

Just check carefully the pings of the other players before you start your game. If they are all in the 400, 600 or higher ranges, your game is likely to be slower.

Note that there are far better 'hard-core' gamers who may well have better suggestions. My experiences are pretty much limited to a little MOHAA, and a huge amount of Cossacks a while ago.

  powerless 16:59 17 Jan 2003


  superalex 17:02 17 Jan 2003

Thanks guys, that helps,
to answer your question powerless, I am playing vietcong demo and oper. flashpoint.
Once again many thanks

  jazzypop 17:04 17 Jan 2003


My mind is highly readable, an open book. Just ask my wife !

  maby66 17:08 17 Jan 2003

Also remember that when running games single player or multiplayer it is a good idea to not have programmes/processes running in the background. So shutdown any browser windows, media players that you might have - I recently thought I was experiencing hideous lag but found when I came out of the game that my anti-virus had started its automatic scan of the hard disk!

If you have XP, click here has a number of hints on how you can optimise your machine for playing games by shutting down redundant processes.

PS - the "gaming crowd" from the PCS forums meets for online gaming on the IRC channel #PCAClan - you are welcome to join it for a game or a chat.

  powerless 17:18 17 Jan 2003

If you want to try and decrease (improve) your ping. Then i wouldn't bother, too much hastle. You'll do more harm than good if your not careful.

If you click here then it will run a little test and show you your results. Dont take this as a definite take it as a rough guide. This site is US based so you will have a high ping becasue your computer is sending information to an international server.

Also its high activity period in the US (peak) so running this test at 6am you'll probably find your results will show an improvement.

Run the test a few times...Close programs down etc see what works, if yor ping improves then great.

If you want to go a little further into improving yor ping then click here on the right click on "TCP/IP Analyzer" and if you wish follow there advice (if any). Again this is a US based site.

Well thats it really. I leave my connection as it and have fun without any "tweaks".

  tran1 17:18 17 Jan 2003

If you are running your games at high specification, then this can cuase you to see things slowly. I have a fairly top spec PC, playing SOF2 at high spec cuased the framerates to drop and everything seemed slow. I reduced some spec's down (such as Geographic detail to medium) and things have speeded up dramatically.

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