Online Gaming

  stebinnersley 13:22 02 Apr 2005

Which is the best software to use for online gaming... i have used spynet in the past. Are there any which dont charge?

  Starfox 14:07 02 Apr 2005

This is free,and it works. click here

  stebinnersley 14:10 02 Apr 2005

was not very clear in my thread. I mean which software to find online game servers etc... to find other people who are gaming online etc.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:26 02 Apr 2005

if you have the genuin game ank cd-key try or have a look at steam click here the games I play are on there so good luck

  Paranoid Android 15:31 02 Apr 2005

I don't think that Gamespy Arcade charges - I might be wrong though, I haven't used it for a while.


  nifermac 16:31 02 Apr 2005

all seeing eye is one I think it's about $30.
Although you can download a trial version.

click here

Also a lot of gamers use Xfire but that is more to see which srevers/ games your friends are playing in.

click here

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