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  john1000 20:16 19 Jun 2005

hi all i have a 256 connection with blue yonder which is working ok my prob is i can not access my online games any help much apprecited

  QuickHare 20:29 19 Jun 2005

If you mean web-page based games (such as Yahoo! Games or Popcap Games) then it should work as normal.

If you mean games which connect across the Internet to play multiplayer, then you are now using a LAN card, in which case, you should be using this option instead. See what your documentation says about this.

Remember that if you have a LAN card (Ethernet card) in your computer, Blueyonder uses this directly connected to their broadband modem. If this is unable to be installed, then it will be using a USB port. Windows should class it as a LAN connection regardless, but some games may not like this setup.

  HXP 23:05 19 Jun 2005

My blueyonder was originally connexted USB .... it is possible your forewall preventing access - you need to allow prog access via your firewall settings.

what is your exact problem what errors do you get ? What game (s)

  john1000 07:37 20 Jun 2005

soughted it was norton firewall deleted everything is ok thanks

  QuickHare 23:05 25 Jun 2005

I find there are certain security decisions to make depending on the setup of a computer*. If you are not connected to the Internet, you may find there is little point in using anti-viral software (unless you use removable media). If you connect to the Internet, you need virus protection. If you connect to Broadband, you need virus and firewall protection.

Switching off one firewall is ok if you have another to fall back on, but I'd advise against switching it off altogether. Please reinstall it or switch it on, but add an Exception for the game(s) you wish to play. It may be claled an exception, exclusion, special case, or similar, but your manual or help files can provide information on how to do this.

I know it seems a long-winded hassle to do this, and you're probably thinking "why bother?" but without a firewall, you might as well put a neon sign on the rooftop and shout "Please hack my computer! I have credit card details for you to take!". Slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

*The examples given are purely a rough guide. The more protection the better, but when weighing up cost-effectiveness, this is a good starting point.

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