Online Firewall Tests & Conflicting Results

  kgman 07:47 17 Apr 2003

Has anyone noticed the different results from having your firewall probed via online sites?
I run Norton'03 the result from symantec probe was scary, and advised i buy Internet Security '03.
Testing on, and sygate s.o.s, i found that the vulnerability identified by good old symantec were all blocked or stealthed on grc/sygate.
Can you trust these online tests? and, which site can you trust for accurate results?

  Mango Grummit 08:09 17 Apr 2003

I always Of course in all truth I have no real way of knowing how accurate the results really are but the fellow seems well respected in the field. Glowing references to his work can be found in many places.

  Audeal 10:03 17 Apr 2003

I have always trusted Shields Up, no sales involved. It sounds like Norton are trying to scare you ( as appears has happened )to sell you their software. Possibly a con trick. I personally would not trust them, though others might.

  Belatucadrus 10:59 17 Apr 2003

The last time I used the symantec check, it showed the wrong IP address, didn't fill me with confidence.

  MartinT-B 11:21 17 Apr 2003

Personally, I've never had an issue with Norton.

They clearly tell you to confirm the IP address before proceeding!

I have never used Norton's firewall, only Sygate and Zonealarm free versions, and all my Ports are always Stealthed.

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