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  grumpy-git 23:38 18 Sep 2009

I've been using Formbuilder & Webdatabase at 1&1 but if I change hosts is there anything free software I can use, or do other hosts offer similar software.

I use Formbuilder to allow other people to submit data to me for a website, I then enter it into the online database for all to see.


  Taran 08:22 19 Sep 2009

Some hosts offer similar (but not same) tools but from the sounds of it you are basically running a content management system where presumably nominated users are allowed to submit content which is vetted prior to publishing ?

If that's the case then any one of a number of Open Source Content Management Systems could potentially be used.

Getting your current data out in a usable format could be an issue, but once you have it you can inject it into anything with the right jiggery pokery.

Take a look at Wordpress (with one of the excellent CMS plugins to convert it from blogging engine to CMS) Joomla, CMSMadeSimple and MODx. Between them they cover most needs.

Most hosts offer one-click installs of the more common CMS scripts, which simplifies installation but does not address how to port your current content across to a different platform.

  grumpy-git 09:17 19 Sep 2009

Thanks Taran,

I'm not really knowledgable about what you have suggested, but can investigate further. At least I have a Wordpress blog set up, so know a little about that.

I can easily get my data, as with every update I save the whole database as a .csv file.


  Forum Editor 18:36 19 Sep 2009

most decent hosts offer you a plethora of scripts, and the host you're considering (Heart) will include Mambo and two versions of Joomla.

  grumpy-git 19:36 19 Sep 2009

Thanks guys, heard of Mambo & Joomla but no idea of what they are or how they work.

I will investigate as time permits.

  Forum Editor 23:27 19 Sep 2009

Content Management Systems (CMS).

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