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  ned3110 08:23 04 Aug 2008


Does anyone know of a calendar that I can sync on desktop and a laptop?

I wish to be able to be able to have a calendar on each but not have to edit both when I add events etc?

  anskyber 08:49 04 Aug 2008
  ned3110 11:00 04 Aug 2008

Sorry I shouldn't of titled this 'Online calendar'.

What I want to do is have the same calendar on the desktop and laptop ie Sunbird, and be able to sync them.

What Im thinking of doing is publishing the one off the laptop and subscribing to that from the desktop. I want to do this over my home network not the internet. So when I come home I can connect to the network with my laptop and the desktop calendar will pick up any changes. Is this possible? If so are there any walk throughs as I have had a go but I'm getting stuck with URL's and such.

  DippyGirl 11:18 04 Aug 2008

I use Sunbird/Google click here

  ned3110 11:27 04 Aug 2008


Im dont really want to use an online calendar, which is what your suggesting I think. I want to able to sync my calendars over my home network, between my laptop and desktop. Can anyone help?

  PO79 11:52 04 Aug 2008
  ned3110 12:32 04 Aug 2008

Thanks PO79

But I cant see the solution to my problem there. I dont want to use the web to sync the calendars, I want to use my home network. I want to be able to edit the calendar on my laptop come home and then the calendar that is on my desktop to sync to the laptop.

You would think that in this day and age this wouldn't be this difficult, or am I being stupid?

  PO79 16:33 04 Aug 2008

click here claims to do it but it's payware.

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