Online banking security

  Skeletor 01:27 15 Nov 2003

Hi all,

In the last couple of months I've started using an online banking service, and it's just occured to me that I maybe making a potentially serious security goof! Being the forgetful type and always losing bits of paper I thought it would be a good idea to keep my details,customer bank number, password etc. in a subfolder of my 'My Documents' folder (Win XP Home). Am I being paranoid or should I delete asap.

I think I already know the answer but thought I'd check with you guys first.


  Skeletor 01:31 15 Nov 2003

Should have mentioned that I have the Win XP firewall enabled


  Megatyte 02:27 15 Nov 2003

A good firewall should be all the protection you need, but sadly the XP one falls a bit short. Download Zone Alarm from...

click here

Install it and disable the XP firewall.


  powerless 06:08 15 Nov 2003

Well thanks for telling us where the folder is now and expect your account to be wiped out and leave you a little skinty.

Put the folder on a floppy for a backup and store it somewhere safe.. Don't advertise the fact that the folder stores Top Secret information. Try and change a few things, i.e. do not have a heading "Online banking password" because it'll be a dead give away.

Make the folder hidden and then if a family member comes along snooping they will not see it. Right click folder, properties, hidden, click ok.

  powerless 06:10 15 Nov 2003

p.s. you could go even further and not even have the folder in your docs and place it somewhere else.

  sierra 06:21 15 Nov 2003

An addional internet banking security item that is sometimes overlooked is to put a tick in " do not save encrypted pages to disc " In i.e go to tools/internet options/advanced.

  christmascracker 08:47 15 Nov 2003

Cheers, didn't know you could do that!

  Skeletor 12:53 15 Nov 2003

Thanks all,

I suppose the most secure way is not to have the info on the hard drive at all. Using a floppy seems like a good idea.

Powerless, I'm sure that all PCA forum members are a good honest bunch ;-)

  Bris 20:39 15 Nov 2003

If you have MS Word you could store all your passwords etc on floppy then password protect the document (but then of course you will need to remember that password). Why not try Easy Password Manager that comes free with the latest edition of PC Advisor (no I am not getting any commission).

  AubreyS 20:47 15 Nov 2003

I do what Powerless suggested, except I keep all my data on a Smartmedia card, The type that is used in MP3 players or camera's. I would not keep info like that on a PC firewall or no firewall especially with people like Powerless about!! :-)

  keenan 21:23 15 Nov 2003

This is excellent with built in encrytion etc,
click here
It came with a PCA cover disc some time ago, unfortunately can,t remember which one ??

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