Online backup for USB hard-drives

  oompahpah 10:37 18 Jan 2018

Hi, I have a few USB hard-drives with personal information, and am looking for a good online backup. I’ve tried researching providers myself, and am having difficulty getting the information I need. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here are my parameters:

• I’m based in the UK, if that makes any difference.

• The files are all personal, so I don’t need any publishing or sharing functionality. Would actually prefer not to have this, in case I accidentally share something.

• The capacity does not have to be very high. They’re mostly written documents, so 50GB would be comfortably enough.

• I’m happy to pay for the storage, but would prefer to keep it as cheap as possible. From a quick look at various providers, it would appear people are charging around £5 per month for the sort of capacity I’m seeking.

• I’m not looking to save individual files or folders. I just want a system whereby I can sync with my USBs and it will keep a copy of the most recent version of whatever is on each USB.

• Good upload efficiency is key. At the moment I’m with iDrive, and it meets all of the previous parameters. However it takes a good couple of days to upload my 10GB or so of data.

Thanks again for your help.

  wee eddie 11:02 18 Jan 2018

It is not iDrive that causes the amount of time it takes to run your Upload but the speed of your Internet Connection, so it would probably take roughly the same amount of time, whichever Storage you use

  oompahpah 13:50 18 Jan 2018

Hi wee eddie, thanks for your response.

I also use Norton backup (although I'm keen not to rely on this, as they only keep data for 30 days past expiry of subscription. I'm wary of forgetting to renew the Norton subscription and then losing my data). With Norton, however, it seems to sync up in a matter of minutes, leading me to think there's something wrong with iDrive.


  wee eddie 14:13 18 Jan 2018

Norton is only Synchronising the changes you have made since it last Synchronised. Probably, iDrive is re-Backing up the whole caboodle.

Why not consider an External Hard Drive. A 1TB one will only cost you about 10 months On-line rental

  oompahpah 15:07 18 Jan 2018

Yes I agree with your comment about Norton only synching the changes. I'm very happy for that to occur. I don't need several copies of each USB, just a copy of the up-to-date version. It's also a lot quicker than backing up the whole data set.

I've already got a few external hard-drives at home, but would prefer an online backup as well. A little worried in case my house get set on fire etc. that all the hard drive would be damaged.

Thanks again for you help.

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