Online Armor free for 24 hours tomorrow.

  birdface 21:03 28 Jan 2010

Just in case anyone was thinking of buying it.
It will be free for 24 hours after 8 am tomorrow.

click here

  birdface 21:14 28 Jan 2010

Ok.looks like this is the one.

click here

  birdface 08:18 29 Jan 2010

For anyone that wants to try it free.

click here

  birdface 12:58 29 Jan 2010

Looks like everyone is happy with whichever Security programs that they have installed so will class this as resolved.

  provider 2 13:47 29 Jan 2010

I`m not exactly happy with Comodo but faced with the prospect of disentangling the damn thing from every nook and cranny of my system (Firewall and Defence+), then getting to grips with a new and unfamiliar app, I prefer sit tight.

I hear OA is a good firewall though, just the timing of the offer that`s wrong.

  birdface 14:39 29 Jan 2010

You know how it is something for nothing for a year I know it is something to do with A Squared so must be Ok.
I have AVG Pro and the pay for version of A Squared so I am happy enough with that or I may have given it a try.
I think there is a newish version of Comodo Internet Security so not sure if you have updated that recently.

  birdface 14:41 29 Jan 2010

Latest Version.

click here

  provider 2 15:49 29 Jan 2010

The frequency of updates is part of the problem I have with Comodo. It was aiming for updates every half hour or so at one time, mostly the AV component and Vista compatibilty stuff, neither of which I needed being on XP and Avast, so I set it not to update at all.

As for Avast, I`m seeing (on the Avast forum) so many BSODS caused by version 5, I`m not touching that with a bargepole either until thay have sorted it out although, to be fair, they are working hard to get it right.

I`m not a fan of AVG but I know plenty of people are. I came across a pirated version of the full suite last week, licensed until 2018 no less. My suggestion that this was hardly fair considering the developers probably had mouths to feed and mortgages to pay just like the rest of us, cut no ice at all.

Anyhow, that statement by WinPatrol`s BillP about so many programs now being offered at very low prices perhaps due to the recession, had me wondering ... which programs?
Maybe this Online Armour is one of them; the others I haven`t seen yet.

  birdface 20:26 29 Jan 2010

I used to use the free version of Kerio Firewall which I liked.Just worked like windows Firewall with no pop ups asking if you want to allow or deny.
Using Windows7 now and Windows own Firewall.
If you are happy with Avast I would stick with it.

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