Ongoing PC issues - Keeps randomly restarting now

  Finalninjadog 00:07 28 Apr 2018

Hi all,

Just to make you aware, I know a fair bit about computers, but I'm no expert. As such, if you have any solutions I would appreciate easy to follow instructions/solutions.

This may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm having an ongoing issue with my computer and it's becoming increasingly frustrating, so I'm hoping someone is able to assist.

This is my computer, the specs should be pretty much the same since I've not upgraded it since purchasing over 2 years ago: click here the beginning of the year my computer has been acting rather unusually. On one occasion it decided to grayscale on, eventually I discovered this and was able to reverse it by turning the grayscale off, however I still don't get how that happened.

Secondly, over the period of several weeks, whenever I first turned on my PC it made this really loud whirring sound, kind of like it was about to take off. On separate occasions I tried opening the PC and cleaning it out, restarting the PC multiple times over and sometimes leaving it on for a bit until it finally calmed down. This eventually has stopped.

Thirdly, and arguably the most annoying, my PC decides to randomly restart itself. There's no reason behind it, it just pretty much goes back to the original computer loading screen and going through the entire boot process as if I had first turned it on. There doesn't seem to be any particular reasoning as to why it does it, nor does it display any error messages. The power cable is firmly connected between the PC and plug socket, I don't think there's any wonky pins or anything (although seeing as the computer instantly restarts I'm not sure if that would be the issue or not?). So far, I've tried turning off the automatic restart feature in the startup and recovery window, as well as changing the power options so that it restarts after being on for 5 hours straight, but neither of these have solved the issue.

It may well be a phase like the other two issues which are no longer causing trouble, however it's really annoying and I'd like to get it fixed asap.

I'd appreciate whatever help I can get

Thank you in advance.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 28 Apr 2018

Have a look in event viewer after a crash to see what shows up - kernal 41 is most likely click here

  Finalninjadog 13:12 28 Apr 2018

Hi Fruit Bat,

Having checked the event viewer, it seems to be coming up Critical during the times that the computer restarts, and it does appear that it's a Kernal-Power Event ID 41 issue so I'll have to take a look at my PSU. At least I have some idea of what the issue is now.

Thank you for providing me with the link of what I can test. Much appreciated.

(I know it's probably pretty obvious now but I'll mark the correct answer once I've tried investigating the PSU and confirmed that the tests have resolved the restarts).

  Finalninjadog 20:15 30 Apr 2018

Hi all,

So I had a slight change today with my PC, it decided to start making noises as if it's about to take off again.

I haven't had the chance to open it up and try playing about with the PSU to try solving the power issues but I'll give it a go when I have a free moment. Having said that, my PC should still be within the 3 year warranty from when I got it back in January 2016 and I'm guessing it would breach the warranty if I start opening it up and playing around with the insides of the PC.

I've tried looking online for The PC Cusomiser who I presume are the manufacturers/providers of the PC according to Amazon but I can't seem to get on their actual website and am struggling to find some actual contact details for them. I'm wondering if they're just a supplier for Amazon or something, in which case I should contact Amazon for support instead of trying to find The PC Cusomiser?

Anyone know if there's any contact details for the PC Customiser?


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