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  Sir Radfordin 16:32 15 Oct 2003

Have got hosting (MS Business) with One&One and need to work out how to set up an ASP site.

Anyone have any useful instructions or guides?

Am suing Dreamweaver which should make it nice and simple! (I hope!) Can't seem to work out how to set Dreamwever up to use One&One space as the Testing server.

Any other sites/references to webdesign using ASP would be much apprecaited.

Tip for others...never agree to do things you don't have a clue about ;)

  Taran 20:14 15 Oct 2003

Dreamweaver is a little odd in its handling of ASP. I far prefer other programs for ASP sites, but I'm guessing you really don't want to hear that.

To begin with I'd strongly advise that you install and configure Windows IIS or Apache on the PC you are working on and use it as your testing server. This saves messing around with constant uploads every time you want to check whether or not your latest page(s) work or not as the case may be. Constant uploading, even on broadband, becomes irritating after a while and if you are fairly new to ASP believe me, you will be uploading more times than you can shake a stick at for testing.

This is the whole point to a testing server on your local system and any half serious web developer has one. I use IIS on this notebook: it comes with Windows and installs with preconfigured support for ASP and built in FrontPage Server Extensions. You can easily add PHP support using the CGI installer of PHP, or if you feel adventurous you can manually set up the full version of PHP for interaction with MySQL.

Incidentally, IIS also has a series of simple helpfiles built in which cover introductory dynamic site design using ASP.

Now, since a fully blown ASP tutorial is way beyond the scope of this forum, I'd like to suggest several resources to you.

Glasshaus click here publish an excellent book on ASP development with Dreamweaver.

Title: Dreamweaver MX: Advanced ASP Web Development

ISBN: 159059195x

Full details click here

Macromedia have excellent user forums as well as several dynamic site tutorials for Dreamweaver: click here to begin with.

An excellent series of tutorials is at The Code Project site: click here

ASP form handling in Dreamweaver is detailed click here along with more Dreamweaver tutorials than you could hope to wade through. In fact, this particular site is worth its vitual weight in gold.

Without knowing what your project is it is impossible to go beyond generalisations. I am happy to respond to specific questions, but to answer them properly requires all kinds of details you may not be happy in supplying.

Try the above links and see where you get.

Post again with any particular queries but once again I strongly urge you to install a local testing server on your computer.



  Sir Radfordin 10:48 16 Oct 2003

Thanks for that. Out of interest which programes would you use for ASP sites?

Unfortunatly IIS doesn't come with XP Home (grrr) but I'm sure I can find a way round that one.

ASP was supposed to be being used to allow the site to be easily updatable with news stories and also to allow customers to send in response forms.

I'll have a look at the links you have given and hope they provide a helping hand.

  Taran 17:02 16 Oct 2003

I use Visual InterDev and FrontPage in the main for ASP sites closely followed by Dreamweaver. Don't be put off from using Dreamweaver based on my initial comments though; it is more than capable - in fact it is superb - but it does have some unusual ways of doing what it does. If you are just starting with ASP I'd stick with what you have rather than trying to mix and match based on my ramblings. Dreamweaver also has a nice tutorial on ASP built into the help files, so that should be your first port of call.

If I'd known you were using XP Home I'd have refrained from mentioning IIS in the first place.

There are some documented workarounds online discussing how to load IIS into XP Home and some people seem to have had good results. Others have suffered system problems though, so it isn't something I'd recommend.

Apache is an excellent alternative to IIS and is free for the downloading. Happily, it is also quick and relatively easy to set up PHP and/or ASP for a local server testing environment on your hard drive that Dreamweaver can hook into.

I could do with a little more detail regarding what the site is, how it is intended to work and so on. You can take the details to email if they are not for general view and we can proceed from there if you like.

Taking on an ASP site from scratch is a bit daunting (as is PHP) but like anything, once you get the hang of some basics things begin to fall into place. If you run some simple online searches you will find more tutorials and reference material than you know what to do with. There are some excellent ASP forums out there with lots of sample applications and code. Some sites even have complete project walkthroughs for building your first ASP dynamic site.

The forms side of things is relatively simple (in my opinion) when compared to site content management. Building a system where page content can be easily changed means you need to design a pretty good underlying database structure with administrator pages and access rights, among other things.

Without more detail I'm a little stumped on how best to advise you. I could also do with knowing how far on with ASP you are or whether you are learning as you go. By that I mean do you think you know enough to create the site or are you drowning in a sea of despair?

I can show you a simple content management system using ASP and MS Access that I sometimes use for students. It will take a few days to dig out though. I know where it is, but I won?t be anywhere near that part of the country until this weekend at the earliest.

Let me know some more info and we?ll see if we can?t get you up and running out of the blocks.



  Sir Radfordin 21:11 16 Oct 2003

Thanks for that - someone seems to have broken the email link so we'll stick to this!

Webdesign in HTML isn't a problem for me, doing it for several years and can cope with that bit.

Access databases are also well understood both in practice and the theory of databases.

ASP however is where I draw a blank! Never had reason to use it so never attempted to learn. If I can work out the forms bit then I'll be sorted for now. The content management stuff can wait - but I would be interested in seeing the stuff you sometimes use for students.

A lack of time is (as always) a factor but never mind sometimes its good to work under pressure. Nothing like a steep learning curve.

Until the site gets fixed, if you have time perhaps you could drop an email to [email protected] and I'll let you know a more suitable address.

And yes I know you never post an email address online but this account has more spam coming into it than seconds in a year. A few more may just prove to be the ones I want ;)

  Taran 21:31 16 Oct 2003

You have mail...

  Sir Radfordin 21:32 16 Oct 2003

Indeed I do...thanks :)

  Sir Radfordin 00:30 21 Oct 2003

The click here site provided enough to get the forms working. Took me a while to hunt down the SMTP server for the OneandOne hosting but we got there. That'll do for now I thinks!

  Taran 01:40 21 Oct 2003

Good site, isn't it ?

  Sir Radfordin 09:29 21 Oct 2003

Good site?

You must be joking, its an amazing site. Thanks for that little gem Taran!

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