One website wont open with Tesco?

  bri-an 14:48 01 Apr 2005

When I try to go to a site ( my computer 'hangs' and finally I get "Cannot find server". his has been happening for a couple of days, and I thought the site was 'down'.

However, if I change from my 'Tesco' ISP to my 'second' BTConnect ISP, the site comes up immediately!!
As a relative novice, I am at a loss - any suggestions (apart from ditching Tesco!)?

  Willow12 20:54 13 Apr 2005

I have had this problem myself (Tesco) - any advise would be welcome.

  octal 22:02 13 Apr 2005

You can try pinging the site by typing 'ping' then the address in the command line, it should return with its address, something like this:

PING www. discountdiscs. ( 56(84) bytes of data.

If you get an error message its probably the ISP blocking the address, it does happen sometimes, usually its only temporary and returns after a few days, I've no idea why.

  bri-an 11:10 14 Apr 2005

Have just tried 'pinging' and got no help - it went into a 'google' search.

I have spent the last ten days trying to get Tesco support to assist (the on-line support)but after ten days I just about gave up - they were automatons! They would not see my problem, I kept getting 'standard' replies about being unable to connect to Tesco (which I have no problem with!).

They have had me download and try Firefox (same results!) - one advisor even thought my computer clock might be at the wrong time, and could I check it!!

Ho Hum - and they've just announced over £2 billion profit, I believe. Nice for some!

Sort of glad to hear you are having the same problem , Willow12, will post if I eventually get anywhere with Tesco.

  x3sw 10:37 17 Apr 2005

I don't know if this is relevant to this thread, but, for historical reasons, I use for e-mail although my ISP is Tiscali. In the last week or so during the daytime I have been unable to access the mail server via Outlook Express, nor can I get onto the site click here. These problems disappear in the evening and everything works correctly. However, there are no problems shown under the System Status page of the website when I eventually get on to it! I've written to Tesco support and am awaiting their reply.

  carper 10:45 17 Apr 2005

I have exactly the same problem with Tesco but in my case it is the Serif web site. I have not been able to get into this even from downloads from forums. I also have had no success with contacting Tesco, or Serif for that matter.
I get eactly the same result with Firefox so I am at a loss. I do not have a problem with any other site. I'll try that "ping" thing and see what happens

  bri-an 08:02 18 Apr 2005

Further to Tesco support - it now appears that they have simply given up! Not had a reply for a few days now, so after two weeks looks like I am forever destined to be unable to get to the 'discountdiscs' site.
The final straw was them asking me to download Firefox and try that, when I did and sent the message back that it did not work , either, the advisor came back with "We do not support Firefox - could you try IE instead !!" - after THEY told me to download Firefox - they are so inept it is unbelievable.
Was thinking of upgrading to Tesco broadband - but not now - having seen their 'support' in action,I wouldn't touch them.
Beware of Tesco if anything goes wrong!

  Simsy 10:12 18 Apr 2005

as my isp, on dialup, and I can access both of the site mentioned above with no problems.



  bri-an 10:20 18 Apr 2005

Thanks, I will have to continue this if you can get it OK.
But it's doing my head in - I have no problems with any other sites but that one (it appears), but what is stopping it on only Tesco is beyond me! Cheers.

  bri-an 08:57 21 Apr 2005

Tesco sent me the following instructions, and now it works!
1. Go to the Control Panel
2. Open up 'Internet Options'
3. Click on the 'Connections' tab, in here you should see the diallers that are configured on your computer.
4. From the list select ''
5. Click 'Settings'
6. Half way down this screen, under the heading 'Proxy Server', there will be a tick box 'Use Proxy Server for this connection', click in this box.
7. In the address box you will need to enter:
8. In the box next to it, 'Port' you will need to enter: 8080

Though why, I am not sure - proxy server is beyond my present level of knowledge!!
Ignorance is bliss??!
Thanks to all who did try to help.

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