one way traffic on network

  elgar 22:09 29 Apr 2003

I have a network between my home computer (xp home)and work laptop (xp pro) I can access files on the desktop from the laptop but not vice versa. I am prompted for a password which I assumed was my work password but this does not work.

Any ideas?

  LastChip 23:02 29 Apr 2003

If it was your work IT department, they may have instigated security measures built into XP Pro.

If this is the case, they would probably need to set-up a separate user account, for you to use at home.

The password you are referring to (I suspect), is a password for you to access your work server.

Can you please clarify, is the laptop a company machine maintained by them, or are you referring to it as a work computer, that is your own, but used for work? In which case, do you have administrator privileges?

  elgar 00:21 01 May 2003

Its a bit of both! It is owned by work but I do have administrator priveleges so that I can add software. Problems is my knowledge level methinks.

  LastChip 14:47 01 May 2003

I think one way you could deal with this, is to set-up a second user on your laptop.

Once that is in place, you can configure that account to access your home LAN, without upsetting any of the configuration you require for your employers network.

This method ensures that your business network configuration is safeguarded.

There are many threads on here, that explain how to set-up a network, but if you need further help in that direction, please post back.

Remember the basics though. You need a network name, individual computer names, and at least one device/file on each computer that is configured to share. Disable any firewalls, until you have a satisfactory network running.

  elgar 12:03 11 May 2003

Second user idea worked a treat I can now go boths ways! Thanks

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