Is one A-vast-ly better and the other AV-era-G-e?

  hatrickj 10:47 04 Nov 2004

Are there any good comparisons out there of Avast 4 and AVG 6 and views on the new offering that AVG is due to come up with at end this month? have folks any experience. I ask this because recently I saw a claim that AVG wa not in fact very good and tended not to be a good defence against virus in faction. sorrry can't recall where claim seen.

  hugh-265156 13:00 04 Nov 2004

i use avg7 beta at the moment and used version 6 before that and never had any any problems with either. i have not tried avast or any others so cannot comment.

whichever you choose keep it up to date and scan regularly.

have a look here maybe click here

  rawprawn 13:45 04 Nov 2004

It's a matter of choice really, I don't think that there can be a definate answer to your question as to which is best. I like Avast and prefer it to AGVG, but I'm sure others may differ.

  961 14:16 04 Nov 2004

I like Avast as well because it seems to work better with my system and is completely automatic

Until I installed it about a year ago I used AVG, again without trouble, until a new version caused some problems with the system. I've no doubt these have now been resolved

Both systems were free to home users. Both have kept my system virus free and have, on occasion, flagged up a virus which has then been quarantined and deleted without trouble.

What more can you ask

  Diemmess 14:22 04 Nov 2004

I was introduced to Doctor Solomon ages ago from dire necessity (the days when a floppy was the main source for trouble)

There were prepaid quarterly updates and all went well until McAffee took them over, with scant disregard for the quality of the product they had acquired, or existing Solomon's customers.

Then I bought on spec. a CD of AVG (£29.95), which I still use to introduce to a new OS even though it is long out of date. The free upgrades seem to have done all I could ask, and I'm a happy bunny.

There may be better programs out there, but for me this works very well and is free.

  Wak 15:11 04 Nov 2004

I used AVG until about two years ago when the back up discs refused to fit on the recommended two floppies and wouldn't load.
I swapped over to Avast at that time and have been highly delighted with it's protection.
It also automatically updates itself which saves a lot of time and trouble.

  Cook2 16:41 04 Nov 2004

Another Avast! fan here.Download, install and forget.

  Cook2 16:41 04 Nov 2004

Another Avast! fan here.Download, install and forget.

  flyboy 17:17 04 Nov 2004

I have no problems with Avast. Good luck with whatever prog you decide on.

  Completealias 17:23 04 Nov 2004

Can't comment on avast as I never used it but I like the fact that with avg you can save the updates and manually re-install them. Useful when I need to do a re-install, and also for on second pcs without an internet connection

  Gongoozler 17:29 04 Nov 2004

I use Avast, a friend uses AVG. Both seem to do the job well, but my Avast has a little pop-up box and an American voice thet tells me when the database has been updated, and a siren when a virus has been found. Fortunately the sound effects can be turned off!

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