One Thousand Thank Yous!

  Sapins 19:50 04 Sep 2003

Hi everybody, this is my 1000 visit to the PCA site so I thought I would take the opportunity to say THANK YOU all for the help, advice and humour you have provided. It is a pleasure to visit this site, the standards are very high, both in the content of the replies, and in the standard of manners and respect shown to the "users!" I prefer friends.

I would not be anywhere near as competent with my computer without the help of users of this site.

So, before I get my keyboard wet, and I'm not drinking anything ;-) I had better sign off looking forward to the 2000th visit.

Thank you all again.



  Legolas 19:54 04 Sep 2003

Congratulations Sapins I am an old hand and have been here 4393 times, and every one has been a pleasure(CRAWL SUCK)I am sure you will soon reach your 2000.

  Djohn 20:01 04 Sep 2003

Happy Birthday! wish you many more of same. :o)

  Rtus 20:07 04 Sep 2003

Im almost as bad as Legolas- for visits that is

Although Ive not been able to visit much of late because of problems getting here ,Im hoping I can solve that soon .Ive one other irritant to sort then Ill be back full time..Untill then it will be very brief visits Im afraid ..
Your roght about the site though Standards are high ..And long may the PCA team keep it that way....

  Rtus 20:10 04 Sep 2003

There you are You can tell its the genuine ME .. Who else spell like that with the spell checker too Taran will cuss me..LOL...

  Legolas 20:37 04 Sep 2003

Rtus nice to see your name again, hope to see you more when you get things sorted out.

  Rtus 21:20 04 Sep 2003

Thanks for that Legolas ,I didn't think anyone had missed me, What with it being so peaceful .. LOL... I got to a point Ide get to sign on and Zap the connection had gone It took hours to sign back on by then its midnight and I should have been getting me ugly sleep.. its very much Something to do with certain servers / routers hired from a well known Telecoms firm...and a contention ratio of 15/1 being more like 4 million to 1. then this darn email frenzy started so I have to clear the inbox of rubbish before I can get to read genuine mail .. Ide hate to do FE's job ..Must be a nightmare ..

  phoenix_one 22:30 04 Sep 2003

Nice to see you guys with so many visits.

My count is so low because i never leave.


  Forum Editor 23:08 04 Sep 2003

that are so familiar to me from way back when the forum was young, so thank you Legolas, and thank you Rtus - for still being with us and still posting after all this time.

  Rtus 23:22 04 Sep 2003

Hopefully well be with Pca for a long time yet although I must admit its getting harder to keep up with posts with newer O/S like Xp.. being a W98 user myself.Maybe one day I may buy XP..and catch up LOL..
thanks to PCA for The opportunity to be here ..

  Peverelli 23:47 04 Sep 2003

Happy millennium. I passed the same mark a couple of weeks ago. Here's to the next 1000.

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