One Thousand Thank Yous!

  Sapins 19:50 04 Sep 2003

Hi everybody, this is my 1000 visit to the PCA site so I thought I would take the opportunity to say THANK YOU all for the help, advice and humour you have provided. It is a pleasure to visit this site, the standards are very high, both in the content of the replies, and in the standard of manners and respect shown to the "users!" I prefer friends.

I would not be anywhere near as competent with my computer without the help of users of this site.

So, before I get my keyboard wet, and I'm not drinking anything ;-) I had better sign off looking forward to the 2000th visit.

Thank you all again.



  Legolas 19:54 04 Sep 2003

Congratulations Sapins I am an old hand and have been here 4393 times, and every one has been a pleasure(CRAWL SUCK)I am sure you will soon reach your 2000.

  Legolas 20:37 04 Sep 2003

Rtus nice to see your name again, hope to see you more when you get things sorted out.

  Forum Editor 23:08 04 Sep 2003

that are so familiar to me from way back when the forum was young, so thank you Legolas, and thank you Rtus - for still being with us and still posting after all this time.

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