one to share

  bobbybluenose 20:57 24 Oct 2008

this one`s for members who have or have not tried this,
try the 30 day free trial in downloads > analyze > repair > tools > individual > power tools ,
i run this every day and my machine is faster than ever, try this .click here
all the best bobby.

  sunny staines 21:08 24 Oct 2008

is that a new name for reg mechanic?

  Totally-braindead 21:09 24 Oct 2008

And you need help how?

  bobbybluenose 21:13 24 Oct 2008

go on then explain

  rdave13 21:29 24 Oct 2008

I'm sure Totally-braindead meant no offence but it's not a new product. As you say, for new members, it's possibly good to let them be aware of such software.

  Technotiger 21:36 24 Oct 2008

I think Totally-braindead is simply suggesting that this is a Helproom - your thread should have been in Consumerwatch or perhaps Speakers' Corner.

  bobbybluenose 22:08 24 Oct 2008

Techno Tiger i get the point of all the comments received ,but how many new members look in consumer watch and speakers corner i did not mean to offend any of the older members,lol

  Technotiger 22:14 24 Oct 2008

Don't worry, I am sure no one feels offended.

  rdave13 22:16 24 Oct 2008

You didn't "offend" anyone. If your thread needs to be moved then the FE will move it to the appropriate forum. It's not up to forum members to advise which forums to post in, sarcastically or not, so don't worry. ;)

  bobbybluenose 22:23 24 Oct 2008

Technotiger > rdave13
thanks both , bobby

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