One router - 2 range extenders - is this possible?

  mgmcc 07:42 04 Nov 2011

"Connected to this is a Belkin F5D7132 wired as an access point using an ethernet cable and adapter. Working perfectly."

I don't understand your reference to an "adapter". The Belkin F5D7132 should be connected directly to one of the router's four LAN ports, as should the second Belkin F5D7132. If you're trying to get two RJ45 LAN ports at the end of the existing ethernet cable run, by using some sort of "adapter" or cable "splitter", this isn't going to work. What you'd need to use is a Network Switch to provide additional RJ45 LAN ports.

I also note the use of IP addresses and - have these been manually assigned? If so, what happens if you allow the router to assign the addresses by DHCP?

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