one programme running - what is it?

  pookie 19:39 27 Apr 2010


Windows xp sp3 with all security updates etc.

I did a complete reformat last week and have installed all hardware with drivers etc again. PC is running fine. However, every now and again whenever when i come out of any programme it says on screen there is another programme running (no name). I go into task manager but it doesn't list any programmes and cpu useage is low. Also, when i went to shut down the other day it brought up a message saying another user was logged on and my shutting down would end their session? I have a home pc with me as the only user. I have pc tools firewall as well as the firewall on my modem router enabled and the wpa2 is enabled.

Any ideas how i find out what this mystery programme is or what the other user message means? Have I been hacked in some way?


  VOT Productions 19:49 27 Apr 2010

The user problem is actually when your logged on two accounts and shuting down from the welcome (login) screen.

Hmm... (the application close problem)

Try this:

Step 1: Reboot Computer
Step 2: Hold F8 (Or Tap F8)
Step 3: Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode
Step 4: Tap Enter on the keyboard twice
Step 5: You will see a lot of text, just wait.
Step 6: Choose your user account on the welcome (login) screen.
Step 7: Click Yes on the dialog.

Try now starting an application and ending.

And a programme on the computer is spelt program.

  jack 19:51 27 Apr 2010

-Windows explorer- without it you get nothing.
This is not to be confused with Windows Internet Explorer- that is M/S web browser.

  TonyV 19:58 27 Apr 2010

I had something similar the other day where there was another Account opened on my machine. See
click here

I got rid of the rogue account and everything has been fine since. It is possible that a rogue account has been opened on your machine. So when you do the check that PC Helper suggests, you should see there whether such an account exists.


  VOT Productions 20:11 27 Apr 2010

that's not it, jack.

Windows Explorer isn't the one. It's runs secretly.

pookie, Windows Explorer (also known as explorer.exe) gives you icons, taskbar and the file browsing.

pookie, what's the message exactly. Can you take a screenshot (PrtScn key) copy and paste it to Paint and upload to

And remember to scan with your anti-virus (Avast is the best!)

If you haven't got Spybot or Malwarebytes get them here:

click here for Spybot

click here for Malwarebytes.

If there is malware/spyware in your computer then they can remove it.

  VOT Productions 20:13 27 Apr 2010


It's has to be logged in to display the message.

  TonyV 20:37 27 Apr 2010

Accepted, but since it was put in my machine without my knowledge, it is conceivable that there could still be a link even though it maybe somewhat tenuous!


  VOT Productions 20:42 27 Apr 2010

A bit of a annoyance.

But I'm talking about pookie's issue.

"To display an end user session warning you must either log in another account and shutdown the computer or go the login screen and shutdown there."

PC Helper

  T0SH 22:09 27 Apr 2010

If you bring up Task Manager on the processes tab you will see under the heading User Name all the accounts that are currently active on your PC your mystery user will be one of them :¬)

Cheers HC

  pookie 20:37 28 Apr 2010

many thanks for the replies guys. funnily enough all has been 'normal' since i posted and task manager isn't showing anything unusual.


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