One for Outlook users......

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 09:13 18 Aug 2003

Hi all,

I am using Outlook 2003 (Beta 2 - final release) and find it a great improvement on XP.

However, if you use ANY outlook please keep reading as you may still be able to help!

What I want to do is to create a signiture for all my emails. This is easy enough and I have done so. I have also been able to include hyperlinks in the signiture and am quite happy with it.

What I really need to do though, is to create a date field in the signiture that is updated when the email is written. I have attempted this via the advanced edit facility and inserted date and time and "updated automatically". However, when writing a new email the date remains the same as when the signiture was edited and not the "New" date that the email is written.

How can I get the template for my emails, and therefore the date into the signiture??

To clarify, I need a date in an email that would be the equivilent of "The details in this email are correct as of ** (where ** is todays date) and this needs to be updated for each email that is created.

Any ideas???


Apologies for any delay in getting back to responses - I am in London for the week and not sure what internet access I will have in the Hotel, however, all responses and ideas will be much appreciated and tried as soon as I can get online. (Where is the nearest Starbucks with wireless access I wonder......?

  Jester2K II 09:22 18 Aug 2003

Does the date / time look the same when you write it?

Have you tried sending it to yourself and checking the outcome.

Reason i ask is in Word 2002 is when you have the same set up for a letter then the date stays the same on screen as the creation date until you print when it suddenly updates... Maybe the action of sending the message will update the time / date stamp??

Also i notice its a BETA version? Maybe MS don't know about this not working??

  -pops- 09:29 18 Aug 2003

On my email disclaimer/confidentiality clause/etc. signature, included is the phrase "- - - - correct as of the date of origin of this message - - - -"

Don't know whether that would suit but it gets you out of the immediate problem.


  Sir Radfordin 10:04 18 Aug 2003

Can you not create a template and use that instead of using a signature file?

btw...better posted in the helproom perhaps?!

  jazzypop 10:50 18 Aug 2003

Here's a few ideas, courtesy of Google - click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Ben Avery 09:22 20 Aug 2003

Emails automatically generate the day in the header information. If you have an Auto-Update in the email, then surely everytime somebody opens it, the date will be today, therefore, information which is correct on the day you submitted the email could be out of date according to the auto-updated date when they later read it.

For example:

You send an email today 20/08/03 and the recipient is away on business. They don't reciece the email until next Monday 25/08/03 and your email relates to something which changes at the weekend.

In the email they read it will say "Information is correct as of 25/08/03 (as the auto-update kicks in) where actually, the weekend has changed that information and although it was accurate when you wrote it on 20/08/03, it is now incorrect and so the email tells a wee porky.

Why not say that all information is correct on the day of sending, which can be easily checked by them?

  -pops- 10:16 20 Aug 2003

Which is the way I do it (see above).


  Ben Avery 14:32 20 Aug 2003

Is it a case of "Great minds think alike" or that "Fools seldom differ"!?



  Ben Avery 14:33 20 Aug 2003

BTW I only added the extra detail to give an idea of how such an 'intelligent' system would not always prove as beneficial as it may at first seem.

Glad we're on the same wavelength though, it makes a change to find someone as crazy as me!



  Forum Editor 21:51 20 Aug 2003

in Helproom, and I'll move it there now. Before I go however, let me agree with both -pops- and Ben Avery, surely the right way to do it is to say that information is correct at the time and date of origin? Anything that updates automatically is a potential security risk, and I would personally be very uneasy about sending an email containing both confidential or important information and an automatically updating field in a signature file.

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