One of my disks is missing

  the-emsworth-kid 12:31 08 Mar 2006

I used to have 2 external (usb2) Maxtor drives - however following a clean-up with Disk Doctor one of them has completely vanished from XP. Any idea where it is or how I can get it back? Many thanks

  xania 12:43 08 Mar 2006

You don't mention whether the missing drive is found on boot-up, or whether there are any lights shown on it during boot-up so I assume not. Check to make sure that the data cable is still firmly fitted at each end and that the power cable is also firmly in place. These can easily become dislodged during cleaning. To be safe, take each end of the data cable off and the firmly replace it, making sure that its the right way round. Then do the same with the power cable.

  the-emsworth-kid 12:47 08 Mar 2006

Thanks for that - about to give it a try

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:10 08 Mar 2006

does the drive show in device manager

  the-emsworth-kid 13:48 08 Mar 2006

Have re-connected all cables etc - have reloaded the drivers that came with the drive. Not sure how I determine if it's in then device manager as I have 2 maxtors and I only know them by their drive letters.

  the-emsworth-kid 08:12 09 Mar 2006

Having slaved for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon - I finally managed to get my laptop to recognise the disk and eventually got it reformatted.

I'm so old that I was IBM 1401 trained (used to write programs in Autocoder!) and boy in those days the instruction manuals actually told you how to solve a problem.

Is it me or is the current fault finding assistance lacking?

  xania 13:25 14 Mar 2006

I too cut my teeth on a 1401B. 4 KB of memory and switches on the front of the box to ease debugging once that dreaded 'PROCESS' light came on. Program in Autocoder then debug using machine code. Those were the days.

  the-emsworth-kid 14:01 14 Mar 2006

They were indeed!

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