One more RegSeeker Question

  NickyK 22:58 03 Feb 2005

Is it really necessary to back up when one uses RegSeeker - thus far, I haven't found anything worth saving? Or is softly-softly the best policy?

  JIM 23:19 03 Feb 2005

accept the auto backups for at least a "week" then clear out the old backup as new take there place.

What i watch for when using regseeker is after a "installing new software programs" .You may not have fully used a program and regseeker may bring up items as not required or file paths do not exist.

Backups are dated and and if you happen to check or see items your unsure about leave for a bit longer.

If you clear restore points at some time or have a good clean out using normal ms tools that's when i would delete all.

  NickyK 23:19 03 Feb 2005

I have decided to close this post. When compared with other people's problems, it seems just silly.

  JIM 23:21 03 Feb 2005

Not silly at all,better to be safe. eh :)

  NickyK 23:31 03 Feb 2005

Thanks, JIM. Your reply arrived just after I closed the post because I thought it was too "Beginner". Now, I am very glad I posted, because I never quite realized what you have just explained. I understand more now.

I will follow your advice and be slightly more efficient in future by keeping back-ups for a week (I must admit I have been rather cavalier
about them thus far).

One thing I was completely unaware of was the "installing new software" that you mention. I am pretty sure that one of the reasons I get so many entries when I run the Regseeker cleaner aspect is because I try at least five to twenty new software products per week (poor computer). Yes, I clean out etc as best I can, but...Golly!

Thanks for your advice, which, as with all advice on this site, is always received with great gratitude and, in my case, humility.

  JIM 23:33 03 Feb 2005

Thanks for the reply.

Take care.

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